Where to Buy Vintage Balenciaga Bags

by Allie d'Almo  |  Published March 11, 2024

This Spanish haute couture house is renowned for its statement styles and shapes, but the bags don’t come cheap. Buying vintage is good for the planet – and the wallet. 

Iconic bags, like the Hourglass, are available second-hand for a fraction of the retail price (Photo: Balenciaga)

Cristóbal Balenciaga founded this luxury powerhouse in 1917 and by the 1950s had secured his status as one of the greatest courtiers of the 20th century. Beloved for his big, bold shapes, he applied a disruptive and distinctive approach to everything he designed, including handbags. Undeniably stylish and guaranteed to make a statement, a vintage Balenciaga bag is the ideal companion for any trip. But with so many bogus bags on the market, which websites can you trust? We’ve rounded up three of the best places to buy vintage Balenciaga bags online. 


Rebag was founded in 2014, when the luxury re-sale market was just emerging. Unlike other companies, Rebag only sells handbags from the most in-demand designers, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci and, of course, Balenciaga. There are currently 218 Balenciaga bags listed on the website, ranging from (relatively) cheap and cheerful totes for under $500 to limited edition super-sellers like the Hourglass. Every item is inspected, vetted and approved by an in-house team to ensure legitimacy and customers have seven days to return items too. The website is easy to use, with filters for price, material, style, colour and price. 

Buy at Rebag.com

Vestiare Collective

Launched in 2009, Vestiare Collective has grown to become one of the biggest names in the pre-owned, pre-loved world. With a community of over 15 million buyers and sellers, there are thousands and thousands of items to choose from, including over 10,000 Balenciaga bags. Every item sold on the site undergoes a rigorous authentication process, and buyers can choose to purchase from trusted and expert sellers only. The website is easy to navigate, with handy filters including condition, material and model. For speedier purchases, you can also search by region. 

Buy at Vestiarecollective.com

The Vintage Bar 

The Vintage Bar is a community-driven marketplace with a mission to prove that secondhand is as cool and exciting as buying new. The Danish-born brand offers a smaller curated collection of vintage Balenciaga bags, though you’ll still have difficulty choosing between the 1,000-plus bags listed on the site. Each item undergoes an extensive authentication process that examines every element, from labels and codes to stitching and seams to ensure that every bag is legitimate. Buyers also receive a Certificate of Authenticity, a written and stamped certificate that can be used for resale purposes. Customers are encouraged to share pictures of their items on social media for inspiration. 

Buy at Thevintagebar.com