The best affordable and cheap hotels in South Beach Miami

by Alexander Castro  |  Published October 3, 2017

As Hurricane Irma neared Florida, the New York Post published an article on South Beach partiers reacting to the impending storm: shouting expletives, beers held high, gleefully defiant. That should give you one impression of the tempo and spirit of South Beach, also known as SoBe, a neighborhood in Miami Beach. It’s a destination thriving with not only sweet daytime sunshine, but a seriously hefty amount of nightlife, eateries and shopping. Before it became a wealthy, glamorous destination, South Beach was also the filming locale for many early episodes of Miami Vice — a stylish precursor to the neighborhood’s current popularity and cool factor.

We’ve selected five properties for you in South Beach, whether you’re coming to party or to relax. These affordably-priced properties are close to or within the neighborhood, keeping in mind past customer ratings to ensure our choices are dependable when it comes to quality.