Where to Buy Arsenal Football Tickets 2023

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated January 5, 2023

Founded in 1886, Arsenal Football Club is one of England’s oldest and most successful sporting institutions – and tickets to matches are always in high demand.

An exterior shot of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium (Photo: Lloyd Morgan vis Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Arsenal play their matches at Emirates Stadium in north London, and can accommodate over 60,000 fans. While Londoners make up the majority of the crowds, the club also has a global appeal and a large number of tourists regularly attend matches too. Arsenal play 19 league fixtures at the Emirates each season, plus a handful of cup matches, sometimes including European games. To check dates for matches scheduled for the upcoming 2022/23 season, fixture lists are readily available to view online. Below are three of the best online resources for buying tickets.


Ticketgum are currently our favourite option for purchasing Arsenal tickets online. The well-established sports tickets broker has excellent availability for all games at Emirates Stadium – and at affordable prices too. We found tickets starting at £95 GBP for a game against Leicester this August. However, for more prestigious games, such as against Chelsea or Tottenham, prices can be significantly higher.

The company works with a network of suppliers, and the tickets on sale have usually been advertised by people who can’t attend specific games and so are looking to sell their tickets. This means that Ticketgum receive the tickets prior to reselling them, so there’s almost no risk of fakes. Tickets tend to be shipped 2 to 3 days before the fixture at the very latest. They have a very good Trustpilot rating too, meaning you can use their service with full confidence and peace of mind. Ticketgum also have designated collection point where you can pick up your tickets, which is particularly convenient when buying tickets at the last minute, as well as hotel delivery.

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Stubhub International

StubHub International have been one of the main players in the ticket resale market since launching back in 2000. Sellers can advertise tickets at any price they wish and this can often mean tickets are offered for significantly above face value – particularly for more prestigious games. Helpfully, however, the website shows you the comparative face value price of each ticket, allowing you to decide whether it’s value for money before purchasing. Buyers can ask for their tickets to be delivered physically, as print-at-home, or as a mobile transfer for maximum convenience. Generally speaking, availability is excellent, with our searches for Arsenal matches bringing up tickets for every game scheduled for the rest of the season, with rates as low as £70 for lower profile fixtures. Look out for additional fees for service, delivery and VAT, which work out at around £35 per ticket, although for transparency the website also has a slider option that lets you see the full price including fees. StubHub also go the extra mile through a FanProtect Guarantee that helps ensure the tickets are genuine, are the same or comparable with those you ordered, and will get to you in time for the event.

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P1 Travel

P1 Travel are our top pick for hospitality tickets at Emirates Stadium. They offer luxury hospitality lounge packages that include perks such as food and beverages, lounge access, and padded seats for watching the action – with seats next to each other so you can sit alongside family, friends or colleagues. At Arsenal there are three hospitality options for most games: Club Level packages include padded middle tier seats, a half-time drink, and museum and stadium tours, while Club Level Premium has the same perks, plus guaranteed seats in the first 5 rows. Most lavishly, Executive VIP Box packages give you access to a private skybox as well as a gourmet dinner in the stadium lounge. Pricing varies depending on the prestige of the game and can start at less than £100 for Club Level packages, rising all the way to £1,000 for the Executive VIP Box.

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