Where to Find the Best Aruba All Inclusive Vacation Packages

by Paul Joseph  |  Published October 1, 2017

Located off the coat of Venezuela, the tiny Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba is idyllic in every sense. Awash with beautiful natural scenery, including miles of glorious white-sand beaches such as Eagle Beach, and rugged windswept landscapes, the island is easy on the eye whichever direction you turn. But Aruba is also somewhere that invites its visitors to simply kick back and relax – if they so wish – thanks to the large number of all-inclusive resorts to be found here.

A large sign professing love for Aruba in the downtown area of Oranjested, the island’s capital city (Christian Córdova via Flickr)

We recommend booking your Aruba all-inclusive package at one of the market leading websites. Not only do they tend to offer the largest number of options (for flights & resorts), their market power means they also offer the best deals. Moreover, you are assured a high level of customer service and a lenient cancellation policy, as they don’t want to put their hard-earned reputation at risk.

Below you will find the three most reputable websites. We recommend checking rates with all three of them for your preferred dates, departure point and destination, which should get you the best possible deal for your trip to Aruba.

Individual, clearly written descriptions of the resorts available give CheapCaribbean an easy and informative user-experience. The website also claims to have stayed at all of the resorts it lists, which, if correct, would make their recommendations significantly more reliable than many of its competitors. Other useful features include a special ‘deal of the week’, which is particularly useful for families as it includes airport transfers to your resort. On the more negative side, our search for all-inclusive packages to Aruba found there are only a limited number of resorts listed – significantly fewer than on the websites below.


Our search for all-inclusive deals to Aruba with Expedia found a much larger selection of resorts compared with CheapCaribbean, in particular when it came to more up-scale options. Additionally, we also found that prices for certain resorts were significantly lower with Expedia, so we recommend price-checking any deals you find elsewhere. We also found that the website has been very assiduous when it comes to its flight research, with all options laid our clearly and concisely. Less positively, the resort’s descriptions are rather basic compared with the other websites.

We found that both the resorts listed and their available prices were more or less the same as with Expedia. However, the interface is rather old fashioned and not particularly user friendly, which detracts from the experience, while another downside is that the website does not offer the option of booking airport transfers to your resort. We would mostly recommend Priceline for those who wish to book a resort only, with no flight included, as availability and pricing seem to be the most favourable for these deals.