5 of the Best Austin Bike & Electric Bike Tours

by Paul Stafford  |  Published January 25, 2021

As the host of a variety of film, culture and music festivals throughout the year, most notably SXSW, Austin, Texas is a key beacon of culture in the United States. The city almost single-handedly subverts the engrained, outmoded image of the Lone Star state, which many non-Texans often associate with cowboys, gun-totin’ and oil. Well set that limited view aside for a moment, because Austin is a very different type of place. The city is a joy to explore on foot or, better yet, on two wheels.

You can take many different types of tour of Downtown Austin and along the banks of the Colorado River by bike or electric bike. Tours follow a broad array of itineraries and departure times, durations and narrations, so it really comes down to what appeals to you most. Here are five of the best Austin bicycle and e-bike tours, taking into account additional factors too, like the quality of the bikes, the reviews of previous guests, and the value for money, so you can find the right tour for you.