Where to buy Bayern Munich football tickets

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated August 12, 2018

Without question the largest, richest and most famous club in Germany, Bayern Munich have gained such a foothold over the Bundesliga that they have won the German Championship for the last five years running. Since 2005, the club has played their home games at the impressive Allianz Arena, which has a capacity of 75,000 and is also the first stadium in the world with a full colour changing exterior.

A bird’s eye view of the Allianz Arena during a match (Photo: Gary Denham via Flickr via Flickr)

The Bundesliga season runs from August to May, interrupted by a two-week Winter break from late December to early January so that the players can recharge the batteries at a time of the year when German temperatures can often fall below freezing. Each club play 17 home league games a season, plus a handful of domestic cup games and, in Bayern Munich’s games, several European games too (they always qualify for European competition). you’re thinking of a trip to the Bavarian capital, you can look up fixtures for the rest of the current season on Bayern’s official club website, or at several other online sources.

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Due to fan friendly policies implemented across the entire Bundesliga, attending games is usually very cheap compared with other European leagues. However, one of the consequences of this is that tickets can be tough to lay your hands on, particularly for a prestige club like Bayern Munich. In fact, it’s been known for every Bayern home game for an entire season to have already sold out before the first match has even been played. However, if you’ve made it your ambition to attend a Bayern match, there’s still some hope. We’ve outlined three of the best ways for getting hold of a ticket below.

Viagogo is a 3rd party online ticket shop where people can buy and sell tickets. The website is used by everyone from individuals looking to shift spare tickets to companies whose entire business model is the sale of event tickets. The site is simple and intuitive to use, and you can pick the currency that prices are shown in, as well as the language. Another useful feature is that the number of tickets remaining for a particular event is also displayed. When we searched for games at the Allianz Arena, we were pleasantly surprised to see availability for all of the upcoming fixtures. Also pleasing was the cost – especially as users can sell tickets for whatever price they want. Additionally, if you’re looking to attend a game with a large group of friends or colleagues, the site lets you book up to 20 tickets per match, while for some clubs they also offer downloadable e-tickets.
If you’re considering attending a Bayern Munich game during your visit to Munich, but would rather not commit until you arrive, StubHub are a great choice. The online ticket exchange platform often sells ticket all the way up to kick-off, and you can meet the seller outside the stadium rather than rely on delivery. Sellers set the price of tickets, and buyers can then decide whether they’re willing to pay it. Inevitably, this can often mean tickets are priced some way above face value – although good value deals can often be found too, especially as kick-off gets nearer. By way of example, when we searched for tickets for up-coming Bayern games, we found prices varying between £65 and £200, depending on the prestige of the game. VIP tickets are often available too.

Bayern Munich Official Website

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As we mention above, tickets for Bayern home games can be pretty hard to come by, with cheap prices and high demand causing most games to sell out long in advance. However, the club itself does offer a couple of ways of getting a ticket through the official channels. One of these is the club’s secondary market where fans can sell tickets to each other in a secure fashion with no mark-up aside from transaction fees. Priority for these tickets goes to official club members, but around a week or so before a match any remaining tickets will go on general sale. You can access this service by registering through Bayern’s official website. The second option is by purchasing a tour package officially operated by the club and combining match-day tickets with overnight hotel stays in Munich. However, this option can be very expensive.