5 of the best Berlin private tours

by Paul Stafford  |  Published July 16, 2020

Berlin, Germany’s capital city, is a fascinating place and one of Europe’s most intriguing cities. Its rather turbulent past century has ironically created one of the most open, accepting and free major cities anywhere in the world. Until 1991, Berlin’s East and West halves were separated by a physical wall that epitomized the Iron Curtain in both its creation and destruction. There are great museums, globally significant memorials, some of Europe’s finest cultural centres and wide boulevards and parks. Meanwhile the eastern side of the Spree River retains much of its Eastern European, post-Soviet flavour.

One of the most popular ways to explore Berlin is on a private tour, which comes with many benefits including greater comfort, customizable itineraries, bespoke advice, and the ability to choose how much time you’d like to spend in each location. There is a surprising array of private Berlin tours on offer, including from two wheels, four wheels or on two legs. We have explored all the options to bring you the best five tours, taking factors like price, duration and the reviews of previous guests into account.