Editor Picks: The 5 best cheap hotels in Singapore

by Paul Stafford  |  Published November 6, 2017

The city state of Singapore practically effervesces. Colour and lights dominate downtown, which began life in 1819 as a British trading post. Business is still booming today and is, in part, reason for the country’s efficient and modern transport system, clean urban environment and celebrated cuisine. From street food to some of the finest Michelin star restaurants in Asia, the food is one of the most memorable experiences about any trip here. But so too are stays at a hotel in Singapore.

Although Singapore isn’t really known for being a shoestring budget traveller’s ideal place to travel, it doesn’t mean there are no good-quality, cheap hotels out there. That’s why here at TravelMag we’ve compiled a list of Singapore’s best cheap hotels. Of our many considerations when researching were the facilities at each property, guest reviews from the last 12 months and the hotel’s location.