Like a Local – The Best Pubs in Hackney

by Dan Ayres  |  Published October 7, 2016

To many, the London borough of Hackney is East London, and somehow manages to straddle the many dichotomies of this ever changing city: a hub for families but with a youthful party vibe; an artistic centre drawing in young creatives like bearded moths to a flame but remaining home to true cockney ‘Eastenders’; distinctly urban but with great green expanses. What you do feel in Hackney is a true sense of community from the borough’s diverse population, and never more so than in one of its plentiful pubs.

With such a range of characters to cater for coupled with the insatiable thirst of the borough’s residents, Hackney boasts a massive selection of pubs, from pop ups moistening hipster lips with the newest craft beer to proper old British institutions where you can count on a cracking pie and mash. And with an ever growing influx of bright-eyed residents, pubs here are being spruced up and transformed into fine drinking establishments left, right and centre. Here are a few favourites: