Where to Buy Cheap Boston Red Sox Tickets

by Michael C. Upton  |  Published April 27, 2022

Boston’s Fenway Park is an iconic baseball stadium. Even for fans who do not cheer for the Red Sox, getting to a game at the oldest active MLB ballpark is a chance of a lifetime.

Photo: Emma via Flick / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Boston Red Sox play in Major League Baseball’s American League East division and are one of the League’s eight charter teams, when they were called the Red Stockings, playing since 1901. The Sox regularly host division rivals the New York Yankees. Tickets for these games, and many other Boston home games, are often tough to obtain.

Fenway Park opened in April 1912, and after a series of renovations now seats 37,755 spectators. The most distinguishable feature of Fenway Park is the Green Monster, a 37-foot wall in left field built to keep onlookers on Lansdowne St. who did not pay for a ticket from enjoying the sights of the game. The Wall grew in size and reputation after being rebuilt in 1936 and given its green sheen. In 2003 ownership added 269 seats atop the wall, making the view one of the most coveted—and most expensive—outfield views in baseball. A great way to experience Fenway is through a timed, official stadium tour. Tour tickets are only $25 and lead visitors behind the scenes including inside the Green Monster and the dugout. Tours end three hours prior to game time and can be enjoyed without a ticket to the game.

Single Game Tickets

As soon as they go on sale Red Sox tickets are hard to come by for the passive fan. Most home games sell out in advance. Finding single game tickets is easy through a second party site like StubHub. Searching for Red Sox on StubHub brings results from home and away games, so make sure to choose the correct venue.

Locating available tickets on StubHub is easy. Search for Boston Red Sox and find the correct game date and opponent. Selecting a specific event will bring up a stadium map with highlighted sections showing where seats are available. The sliding column on the left of the website defaults to the most affordable seats and when touched with a cursor highlights the seat location on the stadium map. Conversely, by clicking on a section on the stadium map the left column displays only seats available in the selected section sorted in ascending order from cheapest to most expensive tickets. The right column on the StubHub site allows fans to refine the seat search based on number of seats available, price, and features like wheelchair access, parking passes, and aisle seats.

How much are tickets? Cost depends on how you want to view the game and who the Red Sox are playing. The most affordable sections at Fenway are the centerfield bleacher seats and grandstand seats in left and right fields. Once seats are chosen the checkout process on StubHub is simple. Clicking the purchase button allows customers to sign in as a guest or create an account. As a guest account, simply enter a valid email and mobile number for ticket delivery. Review the purchase and buy. One way to enjoy the view from the Green Monster and not kill the budget is to opt for standing room only tickets. Standing room single game passes on the Green Monster start under $100 and provide a splendid view from behind the seats on The Wall. Other standing room options are available. Also, some amazing deals can be found on StubHub on the day of the game; we found seats as low as $6 in some instances.

To use digital tickets StubHub recommends downloading the mobile app, which only takes a few minutes. Once logged in, select My Tickets and any purchased tickets will appear along with an order history and order number. From here users can view tickets for admission into the venue. A mobile ticket notice is also sent to the account email. StubHub suggests making sure the tickets are what was ordered. Purchaser name does not need to be on tickets and face value of ticket may differ from price paid.

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Special and Group Tickets

Rates and options for special and group tickets are found on the official Boston Red Sox website. The ballpark has two areas dedicated solely to group use. The Bleacher Overlook provides the group with stool seating and a drink rail facing the new bleacher overlook area. The 521 Overlook, named after the amount of homeruns Hall of Famer Ted Williams hit in his career, offers a private deck overlooking the bleacher section, a private entrance into the stadium, and access to the new convention space. The Red Sox host special games throughout the season as theme nights, as well as games recognizing youth sports and education.

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Where to Park

In an effort to reduce traffic before and after games, the team recommends parking in a lot or garage corresponding with the route to and from Fenway. There are 19 unofficial parking lots around the stadium. Parking rates at these lots range from $30 to $58. There are three official Red Sox parking lots with 4,150 spaces, but these lots are often sold out through advance purchasing. Street parking in the Fenway/Kenmore Residential Parking District can result in a fine of $100.