3 of the best bourbon tours from Louisville

by Paul Stafford  |  Published August 26, 2020

Kentucky’s Louisville is one of the great sporting centers of the American South. The Kentucky Derby, the Louisville Cardinals and Muhammad Ali are widely recognized names from the city. But so too are some of the city’s great food and beverage offerings, not least of all is The Colonel’s famous fried chicken. Meanwhile Bardstown, just outside of Louisville, is home to the yearly Kentucky Bourbon Festival because around a quarter to a third of all bourbon whiskey is made in Louisville and its environs. Which is why Louisville’s Bourbon Trail tours are extremely popular with visitors to the ‘Ville’.

Most of the bourbon distillery tours in Louisville depart from the city center and offer the opportunity to learn about the whiskey making process. And of course, it’d be no fun if there weren’t plenty of opportunities to sample the end product along the way. Which really is the only reason one needs to let somebody else take care of the guiding and driving on a tour. The following list offers a broad overview of the best bourbon tours available from Louisville in terms of the price, itinerary, uniqueness of the experience and the reviews of previous participants.