Where to Find Cheap Caribbean All Inclusive Vacation Packages

by Paul Joseph  |  Published June 27, 2017

Spanning the islands and surrounding coastlines of the Caribbean Sea, southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, this enchanting region remains a magnet for visitors the world over. Its magical combination of sun, sea and sand makes it ideal for those wishing to relax in an idyllic setting, while charming colonial towns and a rich culture of food and carnival add to the allure. Yet while the entire region is blessed with beautiful natural scenery, every island also has its own distinctive character, ensuring something to suit every taste.

If you’re seeking an all-inclusive Caribbean package, our advice is to book using a market leading website to ensure you find the best deal. These websites tend to offer the most options (for flights and resorts) and their market prominence also means they tend to offer the best rates. Additionally, by using such websites you’re likely to receive a high level of customer service and also benefit from their lenient cancellation policy, both of which are common features of such websites that rely so heavily on maintaining their reputations among consumers.

Below are the three most reputable travel booking websites currently available. We suggest checking rates with each of them for your preferred dates, departure point and destination, for the best chance of getting a great deal for your Caribbean adventure.

The site has an easy-on-the-eye interface that helps to create a pleasing user experience. Resort descriptions are extremely detailed and have been written after personal reviews by CheapCaribbean staff. Special ‘deals of the week’ often include transfers from airport to resort, which is often favoured by families keen to avoid dragging their kids onto public transport or the expense of a hire car. The main downside of using CheapCaribbean for finding all-inclusive trips to the Caribbean is that the number of resorts listed is generally lower than when using competitor websites.


The first noticeable difference upon reviewing Expedia is the greater choice of resorts compared with CheapCaribbean, especially when it comes to high-end options. Additionally, we also discovered that rates for some Caribbean resorts are often lower. The detail provided on flights is particularly impressive, with all the information provided clearly and simply. However, the resort descriptions are somewhat limited, making it harder to know exactly what to expect if you book.

When we searched for Caribbean resorts on Priceline, we found that both the options available and their respective prices were generally the same as Expedia. Unlike Expedia, however, the interface is somewhat antiquated and overall the website lacks the usability of its competitors. Another negative is that Priceline does not offer airport transfers as part of its deals – a feature that is often requested by families with small children. We would, however, recommend Priceline to those seeking to book a Caribbean resort without a flight, as the options and rates tend to be favourable for such deals.