The 10 Best Cheap Hotels in Barcelona

by Paul Joseph  |  Published July 11, 2017

Eye-catching architecture, vibrant nightlife and a world class food scene would alone make this one of the great global metropolises, but what adds to Barcelona’s appeal is its coastal location, with a superb stretch of beach and state-of-the-art marina lending a relaxed, breezy air to the city. It was the Catalan modernist Anton Gaudi whose highly individualised works have given Barcelona such a distinct appearance, but venture inside some of its famous art institutions and you’ll find further evidence of the city’s artistic heritage, including works by Pablo Picasso whose career was heavily influenced by his years spent in the Catalan capital.

For affordable accommodation, visitors to Barcelona have plenty to choose from. Most of its hotels are located in the city centre, and you’ll inevitably pay a premium here, but if you’re happy to be positioned a little further out, there’s a wide range of cheap hotels to be found in Barcelona’s outskirts too. However, if a central location is important to you, you’ll find a huge choice of basic but clean guest houses (known as ‘pensiones’) dotted throughout the centre, especially around the famous Las Ramblas thoroughfare. To help you, we’ve picked out 10 of the best cheap hotels in Barcelona based on price, location and guest reviews.