Editor Picks: Cheap Hotels in Kraków

by Chris Newens  |  Updated September 10, 2023

Poland is a country on the up. While much of the rest of the world has been struggling of late, in this central European state a quiet economic miracle has been taking place, leading to an ebullience and optimism here unlike anything before. Krakow, Poland’s second city, and hub culture and learning since it was founded in the 7th Century, is busy leading the charge. Long famous for its staggeringly well preserved centre, it’s also now finding time to party. Come for the layers upon layers of European history, and stay for the Tyskie beer and a kiełbasa sausage!

(Photo: Hotel Royal courtesy Booking.com )

Krakow’s hotel industry was fast to catch up with the huge influx of visitors the town saw since the fall of communism, and there is as wide ranging a selection of places to stay here as you might find in any major European town. As with everywhere though, there are good places and there are not so good places – a truth even more pronounced if you’re shopping on a budget. Fortunately, we at TravelMag have done the hard work searching to help you make a better informed decision.

Hotel Royal

Located in a spectacular, free standing Art Nouveau building, the Hotel Royal lends some real class to any trip to Krakow. With high ceilings, and beautifully spacious, parquet floor rooms, it’s a remarkable bargain, not even counting that it’s in the Old Town, barely 200 metres from Wawel Castle. There’s an opulent buffet breakfast not to be missed, tea and coffee making facilities in the rooms, and naturally, WiFi throughout.

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Zulian Hotel

(Photo: Zulian Hotel courtesy Booking.com)

Stylish in its effortless blend of the modern and traditional, this hotel is located a mere 450 metres from Krakow’s world famous old town, making it an ideal base for exploring the city on foot. And just in case ‘on foot’ isn’t your thing, the hotel also offers a bike hire service, so you can take in more history at a faster pace. There’s free WiFi throughout and satellite flat-screen TVs in every room. The building’s classic façade isn’t too shabby either!

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Hotel Mikolaj

Truth be told, low cost accommodation in Krakow’s historic centre can be hard to come by. But we’ve search high and low, and managed to come back with this delightful hotel, where nightly stays start from just under 100 euros. Located within a beautiful townhouse, it specialises in offering a homely feel, though never compromising on its trendy, luxurious edge. All rooms have satellite TVs, radios, and telephones, but the place’s real selling point is that is right in the midst of everything that you will have come to Krakow to see. As we said, though, hotels with a nightly cost beneath the three-figure mark aren’t easy to come by in the Old Town, so we recommend you book this one well in advance.

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Novotel Krakow Centrum

(Photo: Novotel Krakow Centrum Courtesy Booking.com)

Granted, the ultra-modern luxury of Novotel Krakow Centrum may not be what you expect from a town famous for its Renaissance architecture, but the fact is that this hotel could prove the perfect antidote to a long day spent traipsing the cobbles. Complete with all the usual amenities, plus an indoor swimming pool and sauna, it may be a little more expensive than the other options on our list, but the point is that a stay in this hotel’s spaciously comfortable rooms can feel like a holiday within your holiday, and it still doesn’t exactly break the bank!

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Hotel Colombus

Smart, cosy, and comfortable, the Hotel Colombus is in many ways the archetype of a hotel – which is another way of saying, you don’t get many places like this anymore. Delivering straightforward service amid a plush style that fades into the background, it offers all the modern conveniences, plus a warm and attentive staff. Just a short walk away from Krakow’s old Jewish quarter it’s also well positioned for picking up the tourist trail.

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