The best 5 cheap hotels in Kraków

by Chris Newens  |  Published March 8, 2017

The second largest and one of the oldest city’s in Poland, Krakow has been a hub of Polish learning, art, and culture almost since the date of its founding in the 7th Century: no wonder it’s now so firmly on the tourist map. It’s also remarkably well preserved, despite the various wars that have swept through the Central European country during its painful history; its historic centre not only holds the honour of UNESCO world heritage status, it was one of the first ever places for that label to be bestowed on back in the 1970s.

Krakow’s hotel industry has been fast to catch up with the huge influx of visitors it has seen since the fall of communism, and there is as wide ranging a selection of places to stay here as you might find in any major European town. As with everywhere though, there are good places and there are not so good place – a truth even more pronounced if you’re shopping on a budget. Fortunately, we at TravelMag have done the hard work searching to help you make a better informed deceision.