Five Charming Short-Term Condo Rentals in Austin, TX

by Elizabeth Penney  |  Published October 1, 2017

Austin is a diverse city known for its quirky residents and live music. Alternative culture is the norm, and “Keep Austin Weird” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life. From its well-known homeless crossdresser to Graffiti Park, Austin is a place for self-expression. That self-expression also comes in the form of music. Austin is home to dozens of live music venues showcasing everything from Americana to pop, indie to bluegrass. It’s also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts who come here to paddle on its lakes, swim in its springs, and hike on its trails.

Austin’s diverse attractions mean diverse options for accommodations. One of the best ways to get a feel for the real Austin is to take advantage of the many vacation condo rentals in and around the city. From luxury condo rentals downtown to quiet condos near the parks and greenbelts, Austin offers condo rentals for every traveler at every price point. Following are TravelMag.com’s picks for charming short-term condo rentals in Austin.