Editor Picks: Cu Chi tunnels tours in Ho Chi Minh City

by Paul Stafford  |  Published February 25, 2019

Made famous with tourists well after the Vietnam War was over, the Cu Chi tunnels are just part of a much larger network created by the Viet Cong and located in Ho Chi Minh City’s Cu Chi district on the north side. The tunnels had numerous uses, including as supply lines, to move food and weapons, as well as cover for troops during battles. They proved essential in the fight against American forces, and eventually gave the Viet Cong the upper hand.

Today they have something of an element of dark tourism about them, but are fascinating windows into the country’s brutal past. The best way to experience the tunnels is on a guided tour, which often provide transportation from the city centre, as well as background on history and meaning in order to give added significance to the site. Additional activities also add an extra dimension to the trip. Here are three of the best Cu Chi Tunnels tours.