5 of the Best Cycling Jersey Brands

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published April 15, 2024

Pick the right one and a cycling jersey is both functional and great looking – here are five of the best cycling jersey brands out there.

PAS Normal Studios (

Whether you are solo bikepacking through the Rif Mountains, taking a laid-back tour through Provence, or just riding the bike to a lake on a Sunday afternoon, a good cycling jersey is an essential piece of attire. There was a time when donning a cycling jersey meant a replica pro team kit, complete with lurid colours and sponsor logos, but these days there are many brands that specialize in jerseys that are as much a cool fashion statement as they are functional. Not only will you look the part sipping a cappuccino outside the bike cafe, but a good jersey will ensure you are aerodynamic, the right temperature (thanks to cutting-edge fabrics and full-length zips) and have all your essentials stashed in handy pockets. But where do you start looking for the ultimate riding jersey? Here’s our guide to five of the best cycling jersey brands.

PAS Normal Studios

Escapism Light Jersey/ PAS Normal Studios (

Hailing from Copenhagen, Pas Normal Studios is something really rather special. Even before putting on these impeccably-styled garments there are plenty of elements you don’t see, from a supply chain that is signed up to a code of conduct to an annual sustainability report, highlighting the company’s aims and progress. Even the PAS Normal stores are powered by renewable sources. You might be suffering on the bike but at least you’ll feel good in a PAS Normal jersey. PAS Normal jerseys are all laser-cut and assembled by hand at a European manufacturing facilitye and are designed for long-term usage and durability. tried out PAS Normal’s new Escapism Light jersey in Sand. This is fully-dyed Italian fabric jersey designed for high intensity gravel riding in the warmer months. The lightweight fabric, with a semi-mesh structure and ripstop pattern made from 70 per cent Polyester and 30 per cent Elastane, is a revelation, fitting like a second skin with no ripples or bunching up. Out on the bike it felt like the perfect partner for serious gravel riding, feeling cool and ventilated, with quick-drying qualities for comfortable all day efforts – it would be an ideal partner for long days bike packing too. An excellent high-end jersey.


Castelli (Photo:

Italian brand Castelli can trace its roots back to 1876 and a Milanese tailor named Vittore Gianni whose business made clothes for AC Milan, Juventus, and the Milan Ballet, before creating cycling clothing in 1910. The company was bought in 1939 by a young Armando Castelli and made its name creating skin suits for legendary cyclist Fausto Coppi. Fast forward to the modern day and Castelli is still a go-to for chic and functional cycling clothing. It may not have quite the same contemporary hipster-baiting outlook of some other companies, but Castelli, with its scorpion logo, excels in having a strong performance ethic (the company introduced the first aerodynamic Lycra shorts to the public in 1977) coupled to a true-to-its-roots chic Italian aesthetic.


Rapha might seem like an obvious choice for a list about jerseys but it’s hard to understate the dominance and influence the ever-popular brand has had on cycling. Born in London in 2004, Rapha went on to dispel the myth that to be a serious rider you had to cosplay as Jan Ullrich every weekend, instead providing simple and sophisticated jerseys, from heritage styles to hi-tech pro designs, that managed to both look great and perform better than a lot of competitors. Introducing the more affordable Core range only extended the appeal and soon Rapha became the brand to wear from London crits to club rides in Tokyo.


From the shops that look like they belong in an interior design coffee table book, to the collabs with cutting-edge fashion brands like Perks and Mini, MAAP is unashamedly filling the gap between streetwear and cycling attire. The Melbourne-born label is extremely good at it too, with a range of apparel that has a unique and recognisable style and designs that stand out without being gaudy. But MAAP doesn’t stop at aesthetics, the team combining graphic design and fashion with technical fabrics, sustainability and endless testing to ensure the products function as well as they look. The company also offers crash replacement, offering a 40 per cent discount on damaged kit.


You may be wondering what a French sporting goods retail giant is doing on this list but Decathlon is proof that even if you don’t have a ton of money to splash on cycling gear, help is at hand. For as little as ten bucks you can get a cycling jersey from Decalthon safe in the knowledge that it will last for many rides to come. They may not earn you as many style points at the coffee stop as some of the expensive brands but Decathlon’s jerseys have excellent functionality built in, helped by the fact the company has new race pedigree, now competing at pro level as Decathlon AG2R La Mondiale. All jerseys are made with quick-dry material so you can stay cool on the road, plus the elasticity of the material ensures a good fit whatever your shape.