New York City

5 of the Best Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty Tours

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published February 24, 2021

Back in the day, hundreds of thousands of future Americans were greeted by the Statue of Liberty after a long and often grueling trip across the Atlantic Ocean. Their first feel of American soil was at Ellis Island, where new arrivals would be processed for immigration, full of hope for a new life in a new nation. A lot has happened in the world, and the USA, since those early days, but the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island still proudly retain their aura of hope and the upholding of US values and freedoms.

Any trip to New York would be richer for visiting these important spots, which can be seen across the Hudson from the southern tip of Manhattan. Although the tiny landforms of Ellis Island and Liberty Island are actually closer to New Jersey, there are plenty of excellent boat tours departing from Manhattan. Some include merely a cruise, which brings you closer to them, while others drop you off at the islands to explore the museums and sights they contain. here are five of the best Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty tours in New York.