5 of the Best Escape Rooms in Honolulu

by Paul Joseph  |  Published March 1, 2024

If you’re visiting Honolulu and the weather lets you down – or you’re looking to escape the heat for an afternoon – then you a whole load of indoor fun awaits you at one of its Escape Room experiences.

(Photo: Theescapegame.com)

Escape Rooms have surged in popularity across the globe in recent years, offering a fun and interactive experience for family, friends or work colleagues keen to challenge  themselves in an immersive setting. Most escape room venues offer various themed games based around a particular premise, so you can choose the one that most appeals. We’ve picked out five of the best escape room games currently available to play in the Hawaiian capital.

Prison Break

This 60-minute game has been described as particularly challenging by former competitors who have tested their wits to try and escape the insalubrious environs of a 1950s style prison. Available for up to 8 players, participants are divided across two prison cells and are required to work together to get out of the penitentiary without being caught. The catch? An unsuccessful escape attempt will see you and your fellow inmates consigned to the prison for evermore. For extra realism, the cells are even fitted with authentic prison toilets. But fear not – using them is optional.

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Obama’s Mission Manoa

(Photo: Breakout Waikiki)

Available for between 2 and 8 players, this game summons you into a covert operation under the gaze of President Obama. You are the agent chosen to retrieve concealed launch codes held by an invaluable ally now in enemy hands. You must infiltrate the enemy’s stronghold, fronted by a quaint market in the Manoa Valley. The destiny of the world hinges on your resourcefulness and nerve. The countdown has begun, and it’s up to you to ensure the codes remain safe from the enemy’s grasp. Will you outmanoeuvre your adversaries and emerge victorious in fulfilling the mission that President Obama has entrusted you with?

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Secret Sabotage

Available for between 2 and 8 players, this game transports you onto a railway freight car as it thunders along the tracks. Your reason for being there? You hopped on as a stowaway to catch a free ride. But now it’s very likely to feel like a decision you’ll live to regret, because another stowaway has cut the brakes with the intention of using the train for nefarious purposes. The train’s engineer has been alerted and is desperate for help. Can you offer your services and save your – and everyone’s – life?

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The Heist

(Photo: Theescapegame.com)

Recover a priceless work of art during this captivating 60-minute escape room game. The challenge begins inside an acclaimed arts museum, where you’re told that a masterpiece by legendary painter Monet has recently gone missing. The initial suspicions are that the museum’s very own curator is the culprit. Your task is to find your way into the curator’s office without getting caught, recover the prestigious painting, and slip away before he returns – all in one hour. Up to 8 players can participate.

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Time Travel Paradox

Imagine that the world’s first time machine has been stolen – then imagine that it’s down to you to retrieve it before any damage can be done. This game for between 2 and 5 players will see you embedded in a research team that has just completed work on the first ever prototype time machine. Then your dastardly colleague decides to help himself to the machine and make away with a contraption that could literally change the course of time. But not only has he nabbed it, he’s also sent you and your team back to the Jurassic era to leave you at the mercy of ravenous dinosaurs. Your challenge is to channel your inner Marty McFly, travel back to the present and stop him in his tracks before the dirty deed is done.

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