5 of the Best Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated December 6, 2022

Sandwiched between Miami and Palm Springs along the east coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is a great place to charter a fishing boat.

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Fishing trips from Fort Lauderdale can be enjoyed both on private excursions or, more affordably, as part of a shared fishing charter. The common duration of a charter trip is around four hours, although full days at sea are available too. Naturally, private charters are pricier but are a popular option for those looking to catch specific fish or who want the undivided attention of your guide and captain. Here are five of the best Fort Lauderdale fishing charters currently on offer.

2-Hour Trolling Trip

If you’re short on time or are travelling with children who might not have the patience for a longer fishing expedition, this 2-hour charter could be for you. Setting off early morning, you’ll board a 20’ Privateer center console boat that gives you a 360-degree view of the waters and allows you to move freely when struggling against a big catch. Over the course of the trip, you’ll troll for king mackerel, bonito, tuna, wahoo, and whatever else might bite on the reef.  Any fish you’d like to take home with you will be prepared on return to the marina. This trip is trolling only, so if you want to light tackle/live bait fish, other tours may be more suitable. From $278 per group (max 3 people).

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3/4 Day Trip 

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Departing early morning, this 6-hour adventure takes place aboard a 50’ customized Hatteras flybridge boat with twin 430 HP turbocharged Detroit Diesel engines, complete with all the comforts of home, including air conditioning and leather seating inside if you want a break from the Floridian sun. Run by specialists in sportfishing, you’ll be furnished with spinning rods and reels and live bait for Sailfish, as well as soft rods and reel tackle for young anglers, all the way up to heavy tackle for big Shark. Other fish species you’ll target include Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, and many more. From $1,084 per group (max 6 people)

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4-Hour Lobstering Trip

With all the gear and licenses needed, a large comfortable boat, and great fishing spots, this half-day trip is an enticing introduction to Fort Lauderdale fishing charters, focussing on lobster. Aboard a 33’ Jupiter boat, you can expect to use techniques such as light tackle, heavy tackle, bottom fishing, trolling, fly fishing, big game fishing, bow fishing, drift fishing, handline, jigging, kite fishing, popping, spearfishing, and spinning as you search the ocean waters for lobster. The boat will be supplied with drinks, and the crew will clean and fillet your catch for you to take home at the end of the trip. From $517 per group (max 10 people)

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5-Hour Snapper & Shark Trip by Night

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Nighttime fishing is a great way to get out on the water and experience something a little different. Leaving early evening aboard a 43’ Torres sportfishing boat, you’ll anchor on wrecks and reefs and fish for renowned culinary fish like Yellowtail, Mangrove, and Mutton Snapper. After-dark fishing is also an opportunity to target large Shark species such as Bull, Lemon, Blacktip, and Hammerhead Sharks. The boat is loaded with equipment and tech, including the latest electronics to sound out the deep and have you always fishing in the right spot. Meanwhile outriggers and downriggers maximise your spread and target species, and a fighting chair lets you hold your own against whatever you hook. From $784 per group (max 6 people)

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Full-Day Trip

Get the most out of your fishing adventure and enjoy the hum of nature around you on this full-day trip. Aboard a recently restored 22’ Ranger boat, you’ll be targeting Largemouth Bass, Peacock Bass, and Clown Knife Fish. Fish that aren’t Bass can be kept, which the captain will clean for you after the trip. Included in the price of the trip are all the rods, reels, and artificial bait, and you can purchase live bait if required. All gusts under 16 will also need to buy a fishing license before the day and are welcome to bring a cooler of food and drinks along. The captain provides water and ice. From $610 per group (max 2 people; $98 for each additional person)

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