5 of the best Fort Lauderdale fishing charters

by Peter Smith  |  Published January 8, 2021

Sandwiched between Miami and Palm Springs along the east coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is a great place in the state to charter a fishing boat. From the Seven Isles area to the city beyond, the swampy coastline has been carved neatly so that practically every home has a road leading to the front door and a channel of water leading to the back. Most fishing charters depart from around Las Olas Beach or from the various moorings near the E Las Olas Boulevard.

Sport fishing from Fort Lauderdale can be done both on private charters or, more popularly for economic reasons, as part of a shared fishing charter. The common duration of a charter trip is around four hours, although anything up to eight hours is not unheard of either. Naturally, private charters are pricier but are much better options for those looking to catch specific fish or who want the privacy and undivided attention of your guide and captain. Here are five of the best Fort Lauderdale fishing charters.