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A Comparison of Gettysburg Tours from Washington DC

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published December 27, 2023

A key turning point in the American Civil War, Gettysburg is an enlightening day trip from the country’s capital Washington DC. Here is a comparison of tours to Gettysburg:

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While Washington DC is very much the center of American politics in the present, nearby Gettysburg represents the internal struggles of the country in times past. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, just 1.5 hours from the capital, was the turning point of the Civil War from July 1 to 3, 1863. Gettysburg National Military Park has more than 1,000 monuments, including a battlefield shrine to the soldiers who fought here, along over 40 miles of scenic roads – it’s the perfect day trip from Washington DC. Here is a comparison of Gettysburg Tours from Washington DC:

Gettysburg Battlefield Private Tour

Let’s get one thing out there – this is not a cheap way to see Gettysburg by any means. It is, however, one of the most hassle-free ways to do it. A private A/C car picks you up from your hotel and drives the 1.5 hours to the grasslands in complete comfort, answering any questions on the way. Once there, the itinerary covers five hours and includes a guided tour of the battlefield, Visitor Center Museum (with reserved access), and significant monuments such as the Lee and Mead Statues, Peace Memorial, and Eternal Flame. The guide is extremely knowledgeable and there’s free water thrown in, but it’s a lot of money and there isn’t a lot more than a basic tour. From €2,050.64 per group up to five.

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BEST Gettysburg Historic Day Tour from Washington DC

This is not a private tour, but it’s not far off. Transport is via a/c minibus or similar and there are a couple of pick-up locations in Washington DC. The first stop is Gettysburg National Military Park to learn about the Civil War and the 1863 battle that took place there and then on to watch short film “A New Birth of Freedom” and explore downtown Gettysburg. Also included are tickets that allow entry to Cyclorama, the painting by the French artist Paul Philippoteaux depicting Pickett’s Charge, Gettysburg Museum of the American Civil War and the Battlefield Bus Tour. Unless you really have your heart set on a private tour, this is a great value and all-encompassing way to see Gettysburg. From €219.34.

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Private Washington to Gettysburg Tour by Luxury Car

This private, full-day tour takes you to Gettysburg in an air conditioned luxury car, beginning at Seminary Ridge, to get General Buford’s bird’s eye view of the battle. Then it’s on to Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, a fantastic collection of period weapons and ordnance, Gettysburg National Cemetery and finally Gettysburg National Military Park , taking in the key points including Little Round Top, the Devil’s Den, the Peach Orchard, the Angle, and General Armisted’s farthest advance during Pickett’s charge. What makes this trip stand out are the guides, who take the time to explain everything in depth, rather than just shepherd people around – it’s top rated for a reason. From €1,572.03 per group (up to six).

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