Where to Buy Cheap Green Bay Packers Tickets

by Scott Dylan  |  Published October 10, 2018

Since the Green Bay Packers were founded in 1919, they’ve been one of the most beloved teams in American football. They entered the National Football League in 1921 and their legacy started early with two of the NFL’s most famous coaches, including Vince Lombardi and Earl Lambeau. The team earned 11 championships under the direction of these men and they, along with 20 Packers’ players, are part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, making the Packers one of the most successful franchises in history.

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Between 1937 and 1994, the Packers played three home games at Milwaukee County Stadium and five at Lambeau Field. Now, they exclusively play at Lambeau field which has a capacity of about 81,441. Seeing the Packers play live is a dream for most fans, but finding the best priced game tickets is not always easy. We’ve looked at the best places for fans to source tickets, so they can be in the stadium to cheer the team on to victory.

Ticketmaster is the official vendor for Green Bay Packers tickets. Ticket prices vary depending on which team fans want to see the Packers take on. Cheap 2018 home game Packers’ tickets for games at Lambeau Field that can be found on Ticketmaster include Packers-Bears US$167, Packers-Vikings US$278, Packers-Bills US$178, Packers-49ers US$130 and Packers-Dolphins US$152. Tickets sold via Ticketmaster are guaranteed and verified. To add a little extra insurance, fans can pay US$7 per ticket at the time they buy their tickets, or US$15 per ticket if they buy later. Ticketmaster’s fees average about 20 percent of the ticket price. All tickets sold via Ticketmaster are mobile, so the risk of fraud is very low, and fans can buy with confidence, knowing that it is highly unlikely that their information will be compromised. Ticketmaster also sell add-ons like parking passes and memorabilia.
Another good place for picking up tickets is StubHub. There are several similarities between this vendor and Ticketmaster. Fans looking for home tickets at Lambeau Field can use the following average prices as a guide: Packers-Cardinals US$119, Packers-Falcons US$118 and Packers-Lions US$112. The primary difference between StubHub and Ticketmaster is in the fees, with StubHub charging about 30 percent in fees, about 10 percent more than Ticketmaster. Those buying tickets can choose to add on a parking pass to make it easier to get a spot on game day. Unlike Ticketmaster, fans are not able to purchase event insurance. So, should they be unable to attend a game due to problems with travel or health issues, they won’t be able to get a refund for the cost of their tickets and any others add-ons like parking passes.


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The Green Bay Packers’ season tickets are a hot commodity and a waiting list has been in place since 1960. There is currently no estimated time for how long fans will be waiting before getting their hands on season tickets, but the list has approximately 133,000 people on it. However, they can nonetheless join the wait list by filling out a form and sending it to the Packers Ticket Office. Those who opt to join this list will receive confirmation. Prices for season tickets for the 2018 season range from about $109 to $343 per game. Fans who hold season tickets get perks such as being able to sell their seats for individual games if they are unable to attend, member gifts and priority for playoff tickets.