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Hair Transplant in Turkey: Top 10 Clinics

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated April 2, 2024

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for hair transports, offering great value for money combined with plenty to see and do before and after your procedure.

(Photo: Hermest Hair Transplant Clinic)

In recent years, increasing numbers of people across Europe and North America are taking advantage of cheaper prices than in their home country by heading to Turkey in pursuit of a new head of hair. Hair transplants are typically completed in just a few hours – not including pre-procedure consultations – and as long as you take it easy you’re free to explore and feel the breeze on your freshly laid locks as soon as the procedure is complete. We’ve compared more than 40 Turkish clinics that offer a hair transplant package and hand-picked 10 of the best below

Hermest Hair Transplant Clinic

Located in the sprawling residential area of Üsküdar on Istanbul’s Asian side, Hermest Hair Transplant Clinic is widely considered among the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey, having received many international awards over the years for its services. Typically the permanence ratio in transplanted hair is between 50–90 percent, but Hermest’s “Unique FUE” method boasts a permanence rate of up to 99 percent. One of the clinic’s hair transplant surgeons is a cardiologist (Dr. Ahmet) and the other (Dr.Esra) is a dermatologist. 

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(Photo: Nimclinic)

Not only is Nimclinic renowned for its excellent results, it is also a highly affordable option for hair transplants. How much costs a procedure depends on which option you pick from their suite of packages. Located in Istanbul’s affluent area of Şişli, which is dotted with upscale hotels and fashion boutiques, Nimclinic has dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical doctors on staff, ensuring you receive full support from doctors before and after your procedure. Other services include VIP airport transfers and lodging and a team that go above and beyond to make clients feel completely safe and informed at all times.

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Bilyana Hair Clinic

A medical tourism agency based in Antalya, Bilyana Hair Clinic work in partnership with expert physicians from several distinguished hospitals across Turkey. They specialise in medical treatment referrals and for hair procedures they refer patients directly to Memorial Hospitals in Istanbul, a renowned institution known for providing quality healthcare services, including in the field of hair transplants. Here, they provide DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) procedures, a technique using medical pens, called choi. Grafts (roots) are placed in the pens without contacting the root of the graft and transferred directly in to the tissue. Golf fans can also tag on a luxury golfing holiday to their trip through their parent company, Bilyana Golf Holidays.

Sapphire Hair Clinic

Dr. Okan Morkoç is the lead aesthetic plastic surgeon at Sapphire Hair Clinic, another clinic situated in well-heeled Şişli. A certified member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the surgeon boasts decades of experience, with more than 25,000 successful hair transplant procedures under his belt. He regularly attends congresses, symposiums, and workshops and enrols in various courses to keep learning and bringing innovation to his practice, where he is committed to providing patient-centred care.

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Smile Hair Clinic

(Photo: Smile Hair Clinic)

Located in the Istanbul district of Ümraniye, Smile Hair Clinic has four expert doctors – Dr. Gökay Bilgin, Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan, Dr. Fridavs Ahmedov, and Dr. Mehmet Ziroğlu – all of whom are associate members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Innovation has always been, and remains, their top priority. This is one of the few clinics that also perform micro-sapphire FUE – a technique that focuses on the channel opening stage of the treatment using sapphire blades rather than the more traditional steel versions.

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PROFUE Hair Clinic

(Photo: PROFUE Hair Clinic)

Top-class facilities and procedures performed by an experienced team using Sapphire Slit and DHI Implantation mark PROFUE out as one of the best clinics in Antalya for hair transplants. They assist clients in all possible ways, from trip planning to aftercare. When it comes to the day of your procedure, an experienced surgeon and a hand-picked team will personally work on you. For hair transplants, they utilise the FUE method adopted by leading hair restoration surgeons worldwide, involving implantation of donor grafts via the Sapphire Slit technique, resulting in higher density of graft implantation and decreased trauma to the scalp tissue. To help with aftercare, the clinic also sells a variety of reputable products specially selected for long-term care after a hair transplant.

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Buk Hair Clinic

(Photo: Buk Hair Clinic)

The hallmark of Buk Hair Clinic in Istanbul’s Küçükçekmece district is its patient-centred approach, as evidenced by its glowing online reviews. The team has performed thousands of successful hair transplants in its clinic, which boasts state-of-the-art equipment. Buk performs several types of hair transplants including FUE, in which no incisions are made to the scalp and hair is transplanted with “mini motors”; DHI, in which hairs are carefully transplanted by hand at just the right angles; and sapphire hair transplants, an increasingly-requested procedure. 

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Op Dr Sibel Atalay International Clinic

Located in Turkey’s popular resort city of Antalya, Op Dr Sibel Atalay International Clinic offers aesthetic surgery and hair transplantation services. The clinic boasts a large team of highly skilled surgeons who perform both Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) hair transplants.  Overlooking the Aegean Sea, Antalya makes for an enticing medical tourism destination for those who prefer a beach setting rather than the hustle and bustle of a land-locked metropolis.

SE Hair Clinic

This modern private clinic in Antalya is headed by Dr. Seda Erdoğan, whose surgical team carefully and meticulously carries out hair transplant procedures for both men and women. They provide a holistic service, with an international guest relation teams involved in everything from the planning of the transplant, to blood test and scalp analysis, to aftercare. They also pride themselves on providing a family atmosphere for patients, making them feel at home and comfortable at all times. Modern transplant techniques ensure all patients depart with natural-looking and lifelong results that they can be proud of.

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HLC Clinic

The Hairline Clinic in Ankara does what it says on the tin, restoring hairlines for both male and female patients through state-of-the-art procedures. Consistently pleasing results for patients involves both the technique and the medical instruments as much as experience and skills of a surgeon. The clinic and its team have dedicated their practice exclusively to FUE techniques, which, due to its minimally invasive character, permits short recovery time and fast healing, significant reduction of pain and natural results due to the possibility of recreating former growth patterns by individually placing the grafts.