5 of the best hostels in Bogota

by Paul Stafford  |  Published July 5, 2019

Colombia’s capital city is as breathless in its frenetic pace of life as its lack of oxygen up at an altitude of 2,640m (8,660 feet). The city embraces both modernity and tradition and is every bit the product of a country that has a bright future and a tumultuous past. And that is precisely what makes the city so intoxicating.

In Bogota, hostels are a popular accommodation choice for many travellers, and the city is a firm point on most backpacking trails of South America. As such, the standard is high and the choice is excessive. Therefore we have spent some time, and indeed some nights, in these very dorms to bring you a list of the very best your pesos can buy. Location, facilities and security are all important factors in any Bogota hostels list, and certainly factor here.