3 of the best Key West boat tours

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published February 14, 2021

You have to go there to come back. At least that’s the way things are for anybody looking to drive to Key West. The long, thin line of islands that make up the Florida Keys – which rarely top a few dozen meters above sea level – terminate at Key West. This makes for a great road trip in and of itself, but the real joy of reaching Key West is in getting out onto the open water on a boat tour. After all, every which way you look, you’ll usually see the sea. The only direction that you won’t find endless blue is back the way you came in.

There are many different types of boat tour from Key West, varying wildly in duration, activities and price. As such, it’s difficult to work out which one is the best for you. Broadly speaking, the main types are divided into the following categories: scenic, romantic cruises, activity boat tours from Key West, and the partying spirit cruises. For those on a day trip, eco tours are the best option, while anybody overnighting in Key West can make the most of the sunset from the ocean. Here are three of the best Key West boat tours currently available, taking into account factors like itinerary, safety measures and value for money.