Where to buy Liverpool FC football tickets

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated August 8, 2018

Liverpool play their home games at Anfield, which is widely considered one of the most atmospheric football stadiums in Europe. Built in 1884, it was originally home to Liverpool’s now arch-rivals Everton, but was taken over by its current incumbents after the club was formed in 1892. The stadium has undergone substantial changes down the decades, and today holds a capacity of 54,074 making it the sixth largest football venue in England.

Atmospheric shadows cast over the green Anfield turf (Photo: darren-brown via Flickr)

With the Premier League season held from August to May, and a number of cup games played across this period too, there are plenty of opportunities for attending Anfield for a live match. If you’re planning a trip to the UK, and would like to find out if Liverpool are playing any homes games during the dates you’d like to come, there are full fixture lists for the upcoming season available to view online.

Our match ticket search results

Match tickets for both Premier League and cup games at Anfield are initially sold to Official Members only. After sales to Members, subject to availability a limited number of tickets will go on a Local General sale, approximately 1 week before the game. However, there are some alternative options for getting hold of a ticket for Anfield. We’ve looked into them and offered our findings below.

StubHub have been a significant online ticket reseller for approaching 20 years now and have built up an impressive reputation during that time. The company runs and operates as an intermediary for people who have purchased official tickets for sporting and entertainment events but want to resell them, with VIP tickets available as well. Since they can charge whatever price they want, this inevitably mean you’ll usually need to pay above face value, while StubHub also charge a commission on all sales made on the site. However, so long as you’re prepared to pay for the privilege, StubHub are a reliable resource for picking up tickets, with availability for pretty much every Liverpool game. If you want to buy Anfield tickets at late notice, StubHub are a better option than some other companies, since you can meet the seller in front of the stadium, whereas Ticketgum only offer delivery and have no pick-up locations in Liverpool. Another perk is that for some clubs they also offer downloadable e-tickets so you don’t have to wait for them to be delivered.
If you’ve tried getting Anfield tickets through the official club but not had any luck, another option is to try a ticketing agency that buys tickets and then sells them on. One of the best agencies around for this is Ticketgum, who seem to have tickets available for virtually all Premier League games – and particularly for the bigger clubs like Liverpool. Ticket prices are determined by supply and demand, so the longer you leave it the more you’ll usually pay – and tickets can get very pricey. Ticketgum own the tickets, so there’s no risk of forgeries, and they arrange delivery of your tickets too, offering an express service to ensure you receive them in good time. If you’re staying in a hotel, you can even get the ticket sent directly there if you prefer. There’s a 100% money back guarantee if the game’s cancelled, too.

Liverpool Official Website

Book at liverpoolfc.com

Tickets for matches at Anfield go on sale first to members and then the general public, usually across a period of 24-48 hours, and can be purchased online only. For matches scheduled in the first half of the season, tickets tend to go on sale in early July and for the second half of the season in early November. If you’re only planning to attend a one-off game, you may well decide that membership isn’t worth it, but if this doesn’t put you off, the club offers a Light Membership option for an affordable £26.99 a year. However, unlike a number of other high profile clubs, tickets going on general sale is not that unusual and so you may want to chance your luck on picking one up on the open market. The club usually updates their website with ‘on-sale’ dates, although this information doesn’t always make it to the main page of the website, so keep a keen eye out for it in the News section. All updates will eventually be listed on the ticket availability page.