5 of the Best Marrakech Private Tours

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published November 24, 2023

Get the most out of the vibrant and beautiful city of Marrakesh with a private local guide to show you the way – her are five of the best Marrakesh private tours:


Big cities in or around Europe aren’t supposed to be as interesting as Marrakesh. Forget identikit coffee shops, rows of vegan donut shops and endless shopping malls, the Moroccan city does things a little differently. Maze-like alleyways, pungent peppermint tea, unrelenting bartering and tagines that will kick your taste buds into next week are all part of day-to-day life in this millennium-old city, with barely a moment to catch a breath. If anything, Marrakesh takes some getting used to – weekends away aren’t supposed to be this intense on the senses – but the right private tour is a great way to find your feet as well as taking out a lot of the hassle. Here are five of the best Marrakesh private tours:

Street Food Tour by Night

Marrakesh comes alive at night with street food stalls popping up everywhere, serving up anything from pigeon meat pie to steaming snails. It can also be slightly overwhelming with so much to choose from. This tour is available for private groups and dives into the buzzing markets and souks at night discovering the flavors of Moroccan cuisine with tastings of local foods including sweet pastries, traditional charcoal-baked tagines, juicy olives and sweet dates. The tour finishes with a glass of mint tea on the rooftop of a cozy cafe – plus you even get a local recipe to take home. From €34.40.

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Private Shopping Tour in the Souks

Possibly the most intimidating expedition in Marrakesh for the uninitiated is the simple art of buying something. The labyrinthine walled district of Medina is packed full of ancient shops and souks (a marketplace full of stalls) selling virtually everything and anything. The price isn’t necessarily the price and the sellers are happy to engage, which can be a dazzling experience. This tour’s knowledgeable guide takes you to the best vendors and stalls and helps you buy what you want, whether it is embroidery, spices, ceramics, whatever, showing tricks to haggling and even teaching you a bit of Arabic on the way. The price is so reasonable that if  you want to buy a few things in Marrakesh you’ll probably save the money you spent on the tour in the local-priced bargains you bag on the way. From €23.44.

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Private Full-Day City Tour w/ Majorelle Garden


For a complete overview of Morocco’s fourth-largest city, this six-hour private tour takes in everything from the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh’s souks to its treasured historic buildings. The tour begins at the 12th Century Koutoubia Mosque and then to the opulent Bahia Palace to see the  intricate mosaics and lush gardens. Afterwards it’s on to Marrakesh’s intricate alleyways and buzzing souks before lunch of couscous and tagines at a local restaurant (not included in price). Finally you’ll see the one-hectare botanical Majorelle Garden before checking out some traditional Moroccan craftsmanship in artisan workshops that specialise in everything from pottery to carpet weaving. As we’ve come to expect from Morocco, this is not an expensive private tour and a good way to see the city, moving from A to B in an AC minivan. From €72.

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EcoScooter City Tour

Marrakesh may be 1,000 years old but there is a very modern way of getting to see it. By whizzing around on an electric EcoScooter you’ll not only get to see a lot in the choice of one or two-hour tours but you’ll also have a lot of fun doing it. The private guide navigates through the windy streets of the Old Town stopping at places of note on the way, including a short stop at Jamaa El Fna Square and the souks, before continuing to Gueliz, the contemporary quarter of Marrakesh, which is home to craft shops, chic stores, and exclusive boutiques. Finally, make a short stop in the Menara Gardens, built during the period of the Saadian Dynasty in the 16th century, before ending the tour back at Sofitel Hotel Esplanade. For some, speeding through the streets of such a rich and detailed city might miss the point, but it is ideal if time is tight. From €23.44.

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Marrakesh Medina By Night

Marrakesh at night is an experience like no other – fascinating, beautiful and, at times, like a scene straight out of Indiana Jones. Snake charmers, dancers, musicians, carpet sellers, and just about everyone else, take to the streets at night fall. This tour helps you navigate this city in the dark, taking in Djemaa el Fna, the famous market square, and getting to know local people with help from your guide and translator. It’s a wonderful experience, with the guide discreetly helping you get the most out of one of the world’s most exotic and accessible cities. From €32.59.

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