Review: MoAfrika Tours

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published January 16, 2024

Since 2000 MoAfrika Tours has made its name as one of the biggest tour operators in Southern Africa – TravelMag takes a look


What is MoAfrika Tours?

MoAfrika Tours has almost 25 years experience in the best tours in Southern Africa, from informative city excursions to seeing the Big Five on safari.

What makes MoAfrika different?

There was a time when tours in Africa centered around stuffy safaris for the mega rich and not much else. When MoAfrika arrived in 2000, the company sought to shake up Southern Africa’s travel industry and offer something new, honest and exciting. 

Over the last quarter of a decade, MoAfrika hasn’t lost its youthful and forward-thinking approach. For that very reason it is now one of the go-to tour operators for anyone who wants to see all sides of the continent, whether that is big, constantly changing cities like Johannesburg to Cape Town, or the protected and diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

What separates MoAfrika from other operators is its personal approach. The company chooses employees not on their ability to rattle off a spreadsheet or command respect around a whiteboard, but rather individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate about Southern Africa and what it has to offer. The company is SATSA accredited, meaning standards must remain high, and they will source the best guides to make sure everything is professional from leaving the hotel to trying to get a picture of an elephant to post to Instagram, and beyond, as well offering 24/7 support at all other times. 

The variety of different tours is dazzling – the company expanded its product offering in 2017 to include Botswana, Namibia, and Mozambique – from seeing the CBD in Johannesburg to educational and cultural city tours, to a safari in Uganda to witnessing Victoria Falls. Whatever you choose, MoAfrika is on hand to make sure it’s a holiday to remember.

Where to book:

The best places to book MoAfrica Tours are at or at the company’s website