Motorcycle Rental in Phoenix: The Best Companies

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published June 26, 2024

In Phoenix there are rental companies that offer the chance to take a motorcycle down some of the USA’s most iconic routes.


Surrounded by the vast Sonoran Desert and towering mountains, the city of Phoenix is the perfect springboard for a Wild West adventure. The capital of Arizona is vibrant and, compared to a lot of North America, fairly affordable. Here you can find motorcycle rental – the modern day version of an American Quarter Horse or a Mustang – climb on and head to the cactus-spotted sunset. There are some good companies to choose from and organising your bike before you arrive in Phoenix is advisable. Here are the best motorcycle rental companies in Phoenix.


EagleRider is a tried and trusted company that offers motorcycle rental and tours from over 150 locations across six continents. EagleRider has three locations in Phoenix across the city and has 36 different motorcycles across a wide range of models available for rental. You can go Easy Rider on a Harley Davidson Road Glide Touring or, for a more contemporary look, a Harley Street Bob, or a safari-style BMW BMW R 1250 GS. There are even sports bikes and tricycles available.

Prices start from just $86 a day. A good tip is to look out for the regular rental coupons and specials at EagleRider, offering everything from Early Bird Savings to cut-price group rentals, with up to 72 per cent discounts. Most locations also have a selection of motorcycle apparel, helmets, gear, and accessories, and EagleRider even has its own motorcycle luggage called EaglePack.

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Dream Spirit Rentals

Indian Motorcycle is one of the most iconic bike brands in the USA, dating back to 1901. Dream Spirit Rentals is a slightly newer company – established in 2019 – and is a go-to for renting out one of these mythical machines, whether you plan to cruise the the legendary Route 66 or take a trip to Nevada and the casinos of Las Vegas. The prices for renting out one of the latest Indian Motorcylce models are very competitive and the team is extremely friendly and professional. It’s worth noting that for a day rental you have 150 free miles and extra miles are charged at US $ 0.50 per mile. As an added bonus, the staff at Dream Spirit Rentals also speak German. 

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