The best Normandy beach tours from Paris

by Paul Stafford  |  Updated July 23, 2019

D-Day will forever be one of the most significant dates in the history books. Still the largest ever seaborne invasion, the events of 6 June 1944 may be long passed, but the remnants of that day live on all along France’s Normandy coastline. Of the many poignant reminders of both the losses inflicted on both sides, and the disastrous consequences of allowing one person too much power, the rows of austere white crosses and the monuments throughout the region tell an important story of their own.

Day tours from Paris are feasible although the distance takes roughly three hours to cover in either direction, so the days will be long. Many of the tours schedule a number of stops at various museums, memorials and facilities to give a valuable overview of the region. It’s possible to come away with a vivid understanding of both the events of that day, and their significance for the world as well.