Editor picks: Oceanfront hotels in Monterey

by Alexander Castro  |  Published October 21, 2018

Located on California’s Central Coast, Monterey is a city of firsts. It was home to California’s first public school, newspaper, printing press, public library, and theater. At one point it had a thriving fishing industry (natural, given that the city is only 26 feet above sea level), and throughout its history artists and writers have lived under its warm and sunny auspices. Novelist John Steinbeck might be the most known example; many of his books took place in Monterey.

If you’d like to visit Cannery Row or any of the other Monterey locations Steinbeck fictionalized, here are a few beachside hotels for you to consider. Monterey is not a particularly cheap town when it comes to beachfront lodging, but our choices hopefully reflect an agreeable mixture of luxury and value.