Editor picks: Oceanfront hotels in Rehoboth Beach

by Alexander Castro  |  Published November 9, 2018

Part of Delaware’s Cape Region, Rehoboth Beach is a charming city on the Atlantic coast. Like other beach regions in the American South, Rehoboth Beach has grown in recent years and is a popular destination for those seeking sun and fun, so much so that it’s dubbed itself “The Nation’s Summer Capital.” Temperatures drop somewhat in the winter months, but not as severely as in the Northeastern states.

Visitors arriving any time of year can enjoy the city’s other attractive attributes, such as the boardwalk or its inviting and inclusive attitudes (the city is well known for being LGBTQ-friendly). If you’re ready to make the trip to Delaware, here are three choices for you in Rehoboth Beach. Each of these beachfront options will bring you close to the sea and the pulse of this exciting city.