Pantheon, Paris: A Comparison of Tickets & Tours

by Paul Joseph  |  Published January 22, 2024

The last resting place for some of France’s greatest and most influential figures over the past two centuries, the Pantheon is one of Paris’s most prestigious cultural attractions.

An exterior view of the Pantheon (Photo: Nick Loyless via Flickr / CC BY 2.0 DEED)

Situated in the well-heeled 5th arrondissement of Paris – also known as the Latin Quarter – the historic landmark’s huge neo-classical dome, towering columns, and intricate sculptures make it one of the most impressive buildings anywhere in the city. To explore the Pantheon and its labyrinthine underground crypt, you can either buy standard admission tickets as part of a guided tour that takes in other city attractions. Here’s our breakdown of the two best options – and where to book them.


If you’re only looking to visit the Pantheon, you can purchase admission tickets for prices starting at around €14 per person. This includes access to the entire building apart from the  upper floor, which you can upgrade to visit onsite for €3.50. Audio guides are also available for an additional fee. Opening hours are 10am-6pm daily, with the last admission 45 minutes before closing. If you buy them online, there are e-tickets  that can be stored on your smartphone and shown at the entrance.

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If you have the  time, the Pantheon also features on the itinerary of several guided tours that include visits to at least one other attraction as part of the package. For example, you can book a Pantheon entry ticket and Seine River Cruise combo for around €30 per person – which would represent a saving on paying for them both separately. Some tours will see you explore as part of a  small-group with an expert guide for company, or for a more intimate and exclusive experience, there are also some private tours available that include the Pantheon.

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