3 Fun Parasailing Experiences in Anna Maria Island

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published June 23, 2024

With its long beaches and crystal clear waters, Anna Maria island in Florida is the perfect place to try parasailing.

(Photo: Getyourguide.com)

Anna Maria Island is an intriguing, seven-mile-long barrier island on Florida’s Gulf Coast. This long, thin piece of land has a main road running through it, with a strip of houses to one side and a beautiful line of sandy beach to the other. The island has plenty to offer, with plenty of history, arts, and culture, but one of the best things to do at Anna Maria Island is to try parasailing, floating high above the turquoise waters and taking in this unique island from the sky. Here are three fun parasailing experiences on Anna Maria Island. 

Anna Maria Island and Bradenton Beach: Parasailing Tour

This is a great introduction to parasailing, with an experienced crew that ensures the landings and takeoffs are completely smooth. The trip takes around an hour and each individual flight is around eight to ten minutes long, flying up to 400 ft with the USCG certified captains. You get incredible views over Anna Maria Island, Bradenton Beach, the Tampa Skybridge, and the Gulf of Mexico. There is even the chance to spot dolphins, stingrays, and other ocean life through the crystal clear water as you soar like a bird above. The operator offers tandem and triple flights too and souvenir photo or video packages can be arranged. The meeting point is near the The Seafood Shack Marina, 127th St W, Cortez. From €84.69.

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90-Minute Parasailing Adventure Above Anna Maria Island, FL

This is another fabulous parasailing excursion for beginners, beginning with safety instructions and then jumping in the motorboat for 10 minute session. You can also parasail in groups of two or three. The meet is at the Bradenton Beach Marina and once you get harnessed up before you take to the sky with incredible views of Anna Maria Island and the small city of Bradenton Beach. There is a possibility to add group photo packages to the experience. There is free parking available on site and the organisers advise you to arrive 20 to 25 minutes before your scheduled session. From €71.11.

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Parasailing in Bradenton Beach & Anna Maria Island

This parasailing adventure meets at Bradenton Beach Marina where you will head to one of two flying areas, either off Coquina Beach in the Gulf of Mexico, or by the north end of Anna Maria Island in Tampa Bay. The vessel is Coast Guard inspected and can take up to 12 passengers. The parasailing flights are up to 400 feet and you can choose to fly tandem or triple and there is the opportunity to dip your toes in the water as the captain brings the parachute gently down. High quality photo packages are available to purchase onboard. From €93.10.

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