Where to Find Parking in Downtown Denver

by Paul Joseph  |  Published April 5, 2023

For visitors unfamiliar with the city, finding an affordable place to park in downtown Denver can be a tricky business – so here are some handy hints to help you.

A street in downtown Denver (Photo: hans-juergen via Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0)

The options for short-term parking in downtown Denver mainly come down to metred street parking or dedicated garages. There are a large number of metered street parking spaces available, with most enforced from 10pm to 6am, Monday to Saturday, priced at $1 per hour until 2am and 50 cents from 2am-6am. Parking between 6 am and 8 am, and all day on Sundays, is free of charge . During charged times, you can park overnight at the same metered spot from 10pm to 8am for $6.

Alternatively, if you prefer the security of off-street covered parking and don’t mind paying that bit extra,  there are several multi-storey car parks and covered garages in downtown Denver offering pre-bookable short term parking.  Our top suggestion is 400 15th St. – Tremont Garage, where you’ll pay $3 for every 30 minutes, with a daily maximum charge of $16.00. Of if you’re driving into downtown for an evening, then you can park here from 4am to 5pm for $7. Another garage we’d recommend is 1650 Logan St. – Lot, where you can pay a flat rate of just $10 for all day parking , or $5 for overnight parking.

You can book both garages on, as well as at several other parking lots in downtown Denver.

Free parking in downtown Denver

While downtown Denver doesn’t have any designated free parking garages, there are limited free parking spaces available at the edge of downtown near Confluence Park and Commons Park. From here, you can either get a bus into the heart of downtown, or use the cash you’ve saved on parking to jump in a taxi, and do the same to return to your car later. Alternatively, as mentioned above, metered parking between 6 am and 8 am, and all day on Sundays, is free of charge across downtown.

Long-stay parking in downtown Denver

If you’re staying in Denver for an extended period, but don’t have any private parking at your accommodation, it may be cheaper for you to find a long-term parking spot, rather than scouring the city for metred parking each day or paying daily rates in a garage which can stack up to hundreds of dollars. So, for example, at 1735 Stout Street Garage on the fringes of the central business district, day rates are $18, but monthly rates start at just $215 – a saving of around $10 per day.

For the best parking rates in downtown Denver, go to