3 of the best Pearl Harbor Tours from Maui

by Paul Stafford  |  Published July 3, 2020

One of the most significant events in the USA’s 20th century history was the brazen Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War. Coming at a time when the US wasn’t even actively involved in combat, it greatly escalated, and ultimately turned the tide of the war, but not in Japan’s favor. Today it remains a major naval base for the US Pacific Fleet, while also hosting a National Memorial above the wreck of the USS Arizona, which was sunk during the attack, claiming the lives of 1,102 sailors and Marines on board, accounting for almost half of all those killed during the attack.

Pearl Harbor is located just a few minutes west of Honolulu on Oahu island. However, it is also possible to take a longer tour that includes a Pearl Harbor visit from the island of Maui as well. The trip can be done in a full day and all tours listed below include round-trip flights from Maui to Honolulu. When compiling this list, we looked at many factors like the value for money, amount of time dedicated to exploring Pearl Harbor and the itinerary to ascertain which are worth your while. Therefore, here are the best three Pearl Harbor tours from Maui.