5 of the best Road to Hana tours

by Paul Joseph  |  Published June 10, 2020

Hana city sits pretty on the east coast of Maui in Hawaii and the roads leading north and south along the coast offer some of the most captivating driving in the state, if not the entire US. The Road to Hana, or the Hana Highway, as it’s also known is a 64-mile (103-km) run incorporating parts of routes 36 and 360 from Kahului (or Paia, depending on who you ask) in the north, through to Hana and further south towards Wailua Falls. The route passes by the coast then moves slightly further inland, incorporating a winding series of tight bends and dozens of bridges beset on either side by teeming rainforest. The road is a joy to drive, although with so much to see, many prefer to let somebody else do the hard work so you’ve more chance to take in the view.

Road to Hana tours are becoming an increasingly popular way to explore the Hana Highway route. There are many options available, most of which utilize a minibus and driver, with plenty of stops thrown in along the way at the various viewpoints. Some people take to the skies instead, choosing the helicopter tour, which soars over this remarkably beautiful stretch of land as a shorter but more revealing alternative. Of the tours available, we bring you the top five here, taking various factors into consideration, like the value for money, duration and itinerary (particularly with the driving tours). Previous guest reviews were also factored in. Here are your five best Road to Hana tours.