Where to Buy Cheap San Antonio Spurs Tickets

by Chris Wallace  |  Published October 28, 2017

For the 2017/2018 basketball season nearly 19,000 fans will pack the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas and watch Tony Parker, Pau Gasol and the rest of their beloved Spurs over 82 regular-season games. If all goes well, the team will be heading to the playoffs in April. That means fans will be clamoring to get the best seats at the best prices between now and then.

AT&T Center (Photo: Katie Haugland Bowen via Flickr)

Unfortunately there is a glut of ticket marketplaces out there. Each one of them purports to be the best place to find inexpensive tickets. Rest assured we have surveyed these sites and are presenting the best options to score cheap Spurs tickets.

Ticketmaster is not only the largest ticket marketplace, it’s also the official seller of San Antonio Spurs tickets. The site’s homepage is more than a little cluttered with visual noise, but once you get past that you can score some very good deals on Spurs tickets. For example, we found nosebleed seats in the At&T Center for the Spurs-Warriors game on November 3rd for $79. Of course when you take into account the service charge, processing fee and venue charge, you’re looking at $98.48 all told. One drawback to this site is that Ticketmaster is still lagging as far as digital wallets are concerned. While they do accept major credit cards as a form of payment, they have yet to accept PayPal, Apple Pay or Android Pay. Also, you can pay $7 for Event Ticket Insurance, which provides refunds in the event you can’t make the game.
StubHub’s website eschews clutter and visual noise for a simple interface with little more than a search box. Indeed, finding Spurs tickets was quicker on StubHub’s site compared to Ticketmaster, although only by a few seconds. The latter does have StubHub beat in terms of price, though, as the cheapest official (non resale) tickets we found for the Spurs-Warriors game were $92. The interactive seat finder here is comparable to that on Ticketmaster, as both offer 3-D visuals and sectional seating options. StubHub also charges extra fees that can be 30% or more, which can really boost the price of a $92 ticket. That said, StubHub does guarantee every ticket sold, so fans know they are getting a legitimate product, and are protected if the event is cancelled.
This site is the official ticket resale marketplace of the NBA. It’s also run by Ticketmaster, which means fans never have to worry about purchasing fraudulent tickets. Ticketsnow also offers an unconditional guarantee that state customers will receive their valid tickets on time or their money back—no exceptions. To sell tickets on this site, sellers must possess the physical tickets, must provide a credit card number, and the site collects a 15% fee. Buyers simply search their homepage interface for the events they’re looking for. In the case of basketball, we found resale tickets to the Spur-Bulls game on October 21st for as low as $35. Other added features include custom memberships, where fans can receive alerts before their favorite team or event comes to town, thus maximizing the chances of scoring premium seats.