5 of the Best San Francisco Sailing Tours

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published March 1, 2021

Famed for its beauty, fringed by city-covered hills, center-pieced by an inescapable prison island and spanned by bridges known the world-over, San Francisco Bay is a special place to explore. And there’s no better way to see it than to get out into the water on a sailing tour. While there are many types of boat tours from San Francisco, such as ferry cruises and even adventure speedboat tours, throwing three sheets to the wind and sailing from San Francisco is the most romantic way to go about it.

Expect to have around 90 minutes out on the San Francisco Bay on a sailing tour, regardless of the option you choose. There are plenty of different tour options available but the following are five of the best when taking into account factors like the itinerary, health and safety, on-board comfort and value for money. We’ve also put a couple of other types of boat tour on this list, beyond sailing, so you can compare what’s on offer.