5 of the best Silicon Valley tours

by Paul Joseph  |  Published August 7, 2020

Chances are, you benefit from Silicon Valley on a daily basis. In fact, if you’re reading this on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, you are almost certainly benefitting from Silicon Valley right now. The global hub for the tech industry might not sound like the best place to take a day trip, but there’s much more to see than industry buildings. Many of the world’s biggest tech companies base their main offices here in Silicon Valley, including the legendary headquarters of Google, known as the Campus, and Apple Park. Many were first established here too. Not only are these places famed for their tech innovation, they are also transforming the way we work.

Sprawling south of the San Francisco Bay area, many of the best Silicon Valley tours can be done in a day from the mighty Golden Gate City, which also enjoys a slice of the tech action. Alternatively, the Silicon Valley’s biggest city, San Jose, is another popular place to stay and it now ranks in the top ten largest cities in the US. Tours vary wildly in quality and itinerary, so here at TravelMag, we have put together a broad selection from the best budget trips to the top, no-holds-barred tech experiences, with a couple of private tours for small groups also thrown in for good measure.