4 of the Best Snake River Rafting Tours

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Updated February 20, 2023

Explore the Wyoming wilderness using a raft, a river and your own raw power on these intrepid rafting tours.

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Snake River flows through six states before joining the larger Columbia River. The river rises in Wyoming and around Jackson Hole, where it alternates between thrilling sections of rapids and calmer stretches of water, it is well suited for a variety of rafting tours. With the lofty peaks of the Grand Teton mountains forming an impressive backdrop, plus plenty of wildlife roaming the banks, you won’t have to worry about white knuckles the entire time, as you can combine sightseeing with paddling for an ultimate rafting trip.

7-Mile Snake River Float with Teton Views

One of the rafting options accessible to seasoned rapids-rollers and first-time floaters alike is this fairly gentle seven-mile stretch of Snake River. It’s a fantastic, family-friendly way to explore the great outdoors in an unusual way, with the impressive peaks of the Teton Range not too far away, and chances of seeing wildlife at the water’s edge. Eagles, moose and deer are all potential sightings. As with all tours on this list, Snake River rafting tours are seasonal, thus run only in warmer months, usually June through September. From $85 per person.

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Classic Whitewater Rafting Trip

If you’ve come to Snake River for adrenaline inducing rapids, then there are plenty of tours to take you onto some challenging stretches. Joining a dozen-or-so fellow passengers, you’ll tackle an eight-mile (13-km) stretch of river that hosts Class II and Class III rapids, which are challenging but still manageable for most first timers who want to get right into it. If you’d like to get in the river and swim, there are some calmer stretches along the route that will allow for this, too. From $99 per person.

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Snake River Class 2-3 Whitewater Rafting Adventure

Another thrilling rapids trip from Jackson Hole offers multiple daily trips during the summer months. Paddle every rapid in these small boats, taking on Class II and III rapids with names like Ropes, Big Kahuna and 3-ordeal. In between intense watery action, your guide will be able to provide snippets of history and ecology of the beautiful surrounding area. Round trip bus transport between the rafting center and the entry and exit points along Snake River is provided. From $100 per person.

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Scenic Wildlife Float in Jackson Hole

Spot the amazing Wyoming wildlife that frequents the water’s edge as the Snake River passes close to Jackson Hole on this three-hour wildlife float. Osprey, bald eagles and deer can often be seen along the banks, while river otters are common sights in the water. As with all Snake River rafting trips from Jackson Hole, all safety gear, such as lifevests and floatation devices, is provided in the fee. As a bonus on these calmer float tours, blankets and ponchos are also available for maximum warmth and comfort. From $105 per person.

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