5 of the Best Snake River Whitewater Rafting Trips

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published March 18, 2021

Snake River coils its way through six states until it feeds into the Columbia River and eventually the Pacific. With its source in Wyoming, the plentiful meltwaters have helped carve some excellent gorges through the eons, which in turn have proven sufficiently challenging to humans in search of a thrill. The river offers up plenty of whitewater rapids to suit varying levels of experience; varying appetites for adrenaline. Jackson Hole is a popular access point for Snake River whitewater rafting experiences.

Beneath the lofty peaks of the Teton Range near Jackson Hole, Snake River winds its way closer to the ocean, offering a stunning backdrop and plenty of chances to spot wildlife along the way. Here are three of the best whitewater rafting trips on Snake River, taking into account many factors including thrill, itinerary, health and safety, and the reviews of previous white-knuckled guests. Please note that all of these tours operate from mid-June to mid-September only. Tour operators implement age and health background restrictions to ensure the safety of all.