3 of the Best Surf Camps in Salina Cruz & Oaxaca

by Roisin McAuley  |  Published December 23, 2020

The state of Oaxaca is Mexico’s surfing capital. Rugged shores, exotic beaches and great waves welcome surfers all year round. Whilst the coast is renowned for some of the largest waves in the world, surf camps offer beginner surfers the opportunity to experience Oaxaca’s surf scene, under the guidance of experienced surfers.

A wide range of surf camps are found in the port city Salina Cruz and surf hotspot Puerto Escondido. Surf camps and instructors highlight the best, and safest, locations on the coast for those with less experience, giving you that extra bit of confidence you need when starting out. Below we’ve selected three of the best surf camps in Oaxaca, taking into account past reviews, experience level and price.