The best Tikal tours from San Ignacio or Guatemala City

by Paul Stafford  |  Published August 27, 2018

One of the great Maya cities, Tikal today remains a thrilling place to visit and experience. It is one of the best remaining examples of a once-thriving Pre-Hispanic city anywhere in the Americas. The ruins are remote and buried deep in the rainforest far from urban development. The forest rolls on well into Mexico, meaning access to the area is quite limited and a tour is often the best, and least stressful, way to visit.

Most travellers will often reach the Tikal ruins from a base where there are plenty of hostels or hotels. One such example is San Ignacio, located across the border in Belize. Otherwise, good tours from Guatemala City are also available, although the distance covered to reach Tikal is greater than from San Ignacio so often involves a flight and is therefore more expensive. Here are four of the best tours available.