The best websites to buy West Ham football tickets

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated July 31, 2018

West Ham moved into a brand new stadium for the 2016/17 season, becoming tenants at the 57,000 capacity London Stadium, which was built for the London Olympic Games in 2012. After over 100 years at the significantly smaller Upton Park, the move offered a chance for the Hammers to grow as a club, both in terms of its supporter base and the attendant financial potential that this brings.

A view of West Ham’s London Stadium in Statford (Photo: Matthew Cackett via Flickr)

While West Ham have been a well-established Premier League club for a number of years, they have never made a sustained challenge for the title and have only qualified to play in Europe once in recent times. This means that anyone looking to attend a West Ham game will have the option of domestic league or cup games only. If you’re planning a visit to the UK, and want to know if West Ham are playing at London Stadium during your dates of travel, you can view fixture lists for the upcoming season online.

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Tickets are set to continue being in high demand for West Ham’s third season at London Stadium. The best way to secure tickets for Premier League matches is to become a Claret Member, though tickets for some matches may also become available on general sale. However, there are some other options for securing yourself a seat for a West Ham home game. We’ve looked into them and given our top tips below.

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With London Stadium holding a capacity of 57,000, it’s fairly common for tickets to end up going on general sale. This means there’s a good chance of being able to pick up tickets without paying to become an official club member – especially for less high profile games. Details about when tickets go on sale are regularly updated on the club website, so you’re advised to keep an eye on that. If you’re feeling a touch extravagant, another option is a Hospitality package. West Ham have curated several bespoke match-day packages for London Stadium, which include access to the venue’s array of restaurants, lounges and bars, each designed with bespoke interiors inspired by West Ham’s past. More information about these packages is also available on the official website.
Part of the powerful eBay empire, StubHub has been a key innovator in the ticket resale sector since its foundation some 18 years ago. The company is effectively an intermediary for those seeking to buy or sell tickets for a wide variety of sports and other entertainment events. In other words, it doesn’t technically own the tickets it sells, though they do pledge to provide comparable or better tickets if there’s a problem with your ticket at the venue. Tickets can be priced however a seller wishes and StubHub take a commission on each sale. They offer VIP tickets too, if you’re happy to pay for the privilege. According to the numerous reviews we read online, the delivery service is fast and reliable and many testimonials also sing the praises of the customer services team. They offer downloadable e-tickets for some clubs too. Availability is exceptional, with tickets seemingly available for pretty much every West Ham game.
Official tickets are generally the cheapest you’ll find, but getting hold of them for non-members can often be tricky – especially for more prestigious games. If you’re desperate to get hold of tickets for such a game, or indeed any fixture, then Ticketgum are a reputable option with good feedback on review sites. They act as a third party, reselling members’ tickets at a marked-up price, meaning you’ll often have to pay some way above face value, but if it’s the only way of getting a ticket it might just be worth it. They own the tickets too, so there’s no risk of being scammed. Once purchased, your tickets are sent by express delivery to an address of your choosing. This can be a residential address or a hotel that you’re staying in, although Ticketgum will need to check with the hotel that they are happy to accept and pass on the delivery. In London, you can also pick up from a Central location for added convenience. As for company policies, there’s a 100% money back guarantee if a game is cancelled.