How to buy Wimbledon debenture tickets

by Paul Joseph  |  Published June 21, 2019

Held over two weeks each summer in southwest London, the Wimbledon tennis championships are one of the most prestigious events on the global sporting calendar. But for those keen to watch the world’s finest tennis exponents strut their stuff on the venue’s pristine manicured grass lawns, fans must first navigate the tournament’s often complex ticketing policies.

A match taking place on Centre Court at Wimbledon (Photo: Fraser Reid via Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

If you’ve missed out in the public ballot and don’t fancy joining the large queues for tickets on the day, your best bet is to purchase Wimbledon tickets directly from registered debenture holders. Debenture holders pay a (hefty) up-front fee to guarantee them reserved seats for a set number of days’ play, along with other privileges such as access to an exclusive lounge and restaurant and the chance to buy tickets for the final days of the tournament. However, debentures are also the only Wimbledon tickets that can be legally resold, allowing members of the public to purchase tickets from holders on days they’re unable to attend themselves. Resold debenture tickets often trade for significantly over their issue price, but if you’re willing to pay over the odds, then it’s a reliable way of securing tickets.

With the 2019 event fast approaching, there’s no time like the present to assure yourself a court-side view of the action. There are a number of ways to buy debenture tickets, and we’ve done the research so you don’t have to by picking out three of the best.

Wimbledon Debenture Holders

Book at wimbledondebentureholders

Established in 2006, Wimbledon Debenture Holders is one of the most reputable resources for buying Wimbledon tickets on the secondary market. Debenture holders receive their tickets in May each year, and then pass them on to Wimbledon Debenture Holders to manage and process them being resold. This also ensures that tickets can be verified before they are passed on, eliminating the risk of fakes. Resold tickets can be purchased online or on the telephone, and are delivered to customers by early June.


Book at stubhub

This online ticket exchange service allows you to buy resold tickets for sporting and entertainment events across the globe. The company doesn’t actually own the tickets that they advertise, but they promise to provide comparable or better tickets for an equivalent event should you encounter a problem at the gate. Online reviews are extremely positive, especially for their delivery service (they even offer downloadable e-tickets) and customer service team. When we searched for Wimbledon debenture tickets for 2019, we found tickets starting at £600 for one of the day’s play, rising up to £3,000 for the later stages of the tournament. Buyers should be aware that StubHub do take a commission on every transaction made on the site.

Online Ticket Express

Book at onlineticketexpress

A quarter-of-a-century old, Online Ticket Express has built up a long-standing reputation for providing customers with the largest selection of tickets for sports, concerts and theatre events across Europe thanks to its global reach. To buy tickets, you need to set up an account on the website and then search through the available tickets for your event of choice. When we searched for Wimbledon tickets for 2019, the cheapest option we could find was £335 for Ladies Semi-Finals tickets, rising up to £1695 for Men’s Singles tickets. Tickets are delivered by courier service 1 or 2 days before the event, or in case of late release you can schedule collection from a pick-up point for the same day.