New York

The best affordable and cheap hotels in Manhattan

by Alexander Castro  |  Published August 2, 2018

Some would be quick to call it the center of the world, so we probably don’t need to tell you all the wonders that await you in Manhattan. You might already have some adventures planned out. Or maybe you’re venturing to the city on a whim and you need lodging, but don’t feel like sleeping amidst a slew of twentysomethings in a hostel.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of hotels in Manhattan –but not all of them are affordable, and the especially cheap ones can have quality problems. For the properties below, the cheapest prices were obtainable only when booking three or four months in advance, while nearer dates varied greatly in price. We’ve quoted the lower prices, but you’ll likely pay a higher price if your booking is for a closer date. As for location, we’ve chosen an assortment of locales around Manhattan, but we’ve emphasized midtown and areas near popular tourist spots like Times Square. We avoided hotels with customer ratings beneath 7.5 on, and aimed for ratings of at least an 8.