Like a Local: The Best Steakhouses in Los Angeles

by Jeff Rindskopf  |  Published June 6, 2016

A city as large and multi-ethnic as Los Angeles has no shortage of interesting eats imported from around the world, but sometimes nothing beats that old West American classic of a perfectly-prepared, custom-grilled steak. The diverse region offers plenty of prime cuts for wealthy and modest folks alike at the many steakhouses scattered across Los Angeles.

The downtown Los Angeles skyline (Photo: Air Butchie Photography via Flickr)

The downtown Los Angeles skyline (Photo: Air Butchie Photography via Flickr)

Spear Steak & Seafood House

An elegant space serving specialties of the land and sea for astoundingly reasonable prices, this gem in the heart of the downtown Financial District boasts a lengthy list of entrees that can feel overwhelming. Who can choose between Maine lobster and a bone-in beef short rib, after all? The variety and quality of every item on the menu even extends to their cocktail list, which includes craft creations like the bourbon- and ginger-tinged Fancy Shandy.

800 W 6th St


The front of L’Assiette (Photo: David Latt via Flickr)

The front of L’Assiette (Photo: David Latt via Flickr)

Something as satisfying as steak can go well with any number of side dishes, but the chefs at L’Assiette know there’s nothing quite like the French-Belgian classic of steak frites—that is, a cut of steak served with a plate of fresh-fried potatoes. This signature dish comes with a rich house sauce and optional decadent add-ons like wild mushrooms or truffle shavings, but even seasonal specials and non-steak entrees like the Chablis chicken breast will leave diners stuffed but still wanting more.

7166 Melrose Ave

The Little Door

The Little Door looks like the sort of cozy Parisian café all tourists dream of finding, though few would think to find it alongside the Pacific Ocean. Beyond the old world aesthetics, The Little Door offers a myriad of French specialties, from rack of lamb and assorted charcuteries to flaky pastries and the obligatory, but nonetheless distinctly delicious, filet mignon and ribeye. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to enjoy a glass of wine and an unparalleled piece of steak than this Beverly Grove gem.

8164 W 3rd St


Steak Tartare at Cut (Photo: Morgan & Jeff Rooks via Flickr)

Steak Tartare at Cut (Photo: Morgan & Jeff Rooks via Flickr)

Wolfgang Puck need not adorn his restaurants with tons of frill in order to capture the attention of Los Angeles diners, and his original steakhouse Cut is proof of the value of straightforward high-end cuisine. The first of five locations around the world, the Los Angeles Cut has plenty of items on the menu, but the focus is squarely on the quality of the beef. That means high prices but unbelievable flavor contained within aged prime cuts of steak imported from all around the world, including the Japanese Wagyu beef that goes for nearly $200. It’s not cheap, but there are few better ways to splurge than at Wolfgang Puck’s Cut.

9500 Wilshire Blvd

BOA Steakhouse

It’s hard to get much fancier than BOA Steakhouse, even in Los Angeles. Not only do they serve cuts of high-end beef from the best purveyors around in an impressively sleek, sophisticated setting with a large covered patio, the West Hollywood location is also situated just below the uber-exclusive Soho House Club where more than a few celebrities are known to drop by. Even without bumping into Tinseltown elite, a visit to either of BOA’s locations in Santa Monica and West Hollywood is always worth it for surf and turf classics like the 40-day aged New York Strip steak or the Nova Scotian lobster tail.

9200 Sunset Blvd

101 Santa Monica Blvd

Mastro’s Ocean Club

There are three iterations of this regional high-end semi-chain, but the other two locations can’t hope to compare to the locale of the Malibu location just off the side of the Pacific Coast Highway near Topanga Beach. Mastro’s is more than just a world-class view of the West Coast waves, however; their menu is loaded with gems. Choosing a favorite dish is like choosing between children, but the wet-aged strip steak and bone-in ribeyes are standouts alongside lobster mashed potatoes and a handful of decadent desserts. It might be a bit beyond the city proper, but Mastro’s Ocean Club offers a piece of Los Angeles that usually exists only in the movies.

18412 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu

STK Los Angeles

Lamb at STK Los Angeles (Photo: Shyue Ping Ong via Flickr)

Lamb at STK Los Angeles (Photo: Shyue Ping Ong via Flickr)

STK Los Angeles is a shining example for other eateries to follow—the rare proof that it’s possible to be fancy and have fun all at once. The unique combination of high-end steakhouse and party-friendly night club situated in the UCLA-adjacent Westwood neighborhood is perfect for friends and couples alike looking for a perfect night out. Beneath all the trendy décor, there’s a commitment to great food prepared in interesting ways, adorned with sauces and sides that might steal the show if the steaks weren’t so ideally tender and tasty.

930 Hilgard Ave

Carlitos Gardel

American-style steakhouses can only offer so much variety for so much money before you’ll want to come try the prime cuts available at this worthwhile Argentinian spot centrally located in Mid-City. Their grass-fed steaks are pricey but delicious in preparation, and they’re accompanied on the menu by a whole host of South American imports diners will have trouble resisting, from the meaty empanada pastries on the appetizer menu and the undeniably tasty blood sausage to the chicken breast entrée bathed in a brandy-cream reduction.

7963 Melrose Ave