Where to Buy Cheap Chicago Bulls Tickets

by Chris Wallace  |  Published May 16, 2018

Chicago is a sports town, through and through. In the springtime it’s baseball season, and in the fall and winter it’s time for football and basketball. And just as vital to Chicago’s sporting landscape as the iconic Bears football club is the equally venerable Bulls basketball team. This is the franchise that gave us the Jordan dynasty, and has provided some of the most thrilling nights ever seen on the court. No surprise, then, that locals and out-of-towners alike will be flocking to the United Center now that the 2017/2018 season has arrived.

Photo: SSKDP/Flickr

82 regular season games will decide the fate of the Bulls: whether they make it to the playoffs in April or not. So where do rabid fans go when they want cheap tickets to these games? Luckily we’ve researched the best online ticket vendors and listed them here.

Ticketmaster enjoys the first spot on our list because it is the official purveyor of Chicago Bulls tickets. Aside from that it’s ubiquitous (you can access seat options from Ticketmaster’s webpage as well as, and the site interface is easily navigable and clear, making the act of choosing seats a breeze. For example, the interactive seat selector gave us a first person, 3-D view of a $46 seat at the Spurs-Bulls game on October 21st. They do offer free e-ticket delivery, but extra fees can be prohibitive. For example, the total for the $46 seat came to $61.55—which represents over 30% in fees. And if fans want to purchase Event Ticket Insurance (which guarantees full refunds in case of cancellations), that will cost an extra $7. It is possible to find even cheaper tickets in the resale marketplaces, which we’ll cover below.
The biggest rival to Ticketmaster is StubHub, a ticket marketplace brought to you by the same folks who created eBay. One solid feature that’s immediately noticeable after logging onto their site is that the interface is simple, free of clutter, and with little more than a search box. That makes finding Bulls tickets a quick process. And we even found certain tickets cheaper than what was offered on Ticketmaster. For example, the cheapest price we found for the October 21st game between the Bulls and Spurs was $29 compared to $46 on Ticketmaster. The total here including fees came out to $37, which was less than 30%—a better deal than with the competitor. And even though StubHub isn’t the official vendor for Bulls tickets, fans have more options for payment, including major credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and PayPal.
Fans who want to get the absolute lowest prices on tickets should consider Ticketsnow, which is the official resale marketplace of the NBA. Here customers deal directly with fans, and often find lower prices in the process. The site works in conjunction with Ticketmaster, and the resale tickets we perused often cost more than 50% less than firsthand tickets. The fact Ticketsnow works with the marketplace giant is notable, because each resale ticket is guaranteed through Ticketmaster’s barcode system. That means customers can be sure they are getting authentic tickets every time. The only drawback we found is that the site can be glitchy—some pages don’t load and it can be difficult to navigate back. Ticketsnow is a founding member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers, which promotes high ethical standards in ticket marketplaces.