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Cabin Rentals in Georgia: Where to Book

by Holly Riddle  |  Published June 18, 2020

Georgia is often thought of as a southern destination, and while the state does serve up southern hospitality in spades, it offers much more. In Atlanta, you get the urban conveniences and luxuries, from world-class museums to sports venues to a bustling airport. In terms of history, Georgia is the place to explore the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. Beautiful natural spots abound from border to border, top to bottom.

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Cabin rentals are a popular accommodations option for those visiting Georgia due to myriad reasons, but primarily because renting a cabin gives you the opportunity to enjoy Georgia’s plentiful natural wonders. Even if you’re interested in visiting Atlanta, it’s quite easy to find a cabin rental outside of Atlanta to stay in for the length of your trip, while making a short day visit into the city.

Want to stay further away from the city? Some of the most popular spots to stay in a cabin in Georgia include Helen, Ellijay and Blue Ridge. From the top of the state to the bottom, one side to the other, you can find plentiful rental options. Here are three Georgia rental providers to check with first.

HomeAway offers hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of rental properties in Georgia. If you want a cabin in June that’s close to the Atlanta city center, you’ll be paying around $100 to $200 per night (but keep in mind that most of the cabins HomeAway lists near Atlanta aren’t what you might think of as a traditional cabin). The prices don’t vary too much from locale to locale. Even when you get out to the more rural areas, like Blue Ridge, where you’ll find traditional cabins, you’ll still see prices between $100 and $200 per night. It’s easy to find Georgia vacation rentals with just about any type of amenity on HomeAway, thanks to the site’s robust search features, and many vacation rental cabins offer the Instant Confirmation option, which allows you to instantly book your stay, no need to wait for a confirmation from your host.


Book at Cabin Rentals of Georgia

Cabin Rentals of Georgia is one of the top options when you’re searching for Georgia cabin rentals. The local company was founded by an Atlanta native and is now a family-run business offering a dozen luxury mountain cabins. The business is centered around Blue Ridge, Georgia, however, which does make the rental provider not as desirable as some others that offer options all across the state. Cabins on the website start at $150 per night, and while the website’s search functionality does leave a lot to be desired, it does at least provide 3D virtual tours of each cabin listed.

VRBO additionally offers hundreds of different vacation rental properties in Georgia, with, again, some of VRBO’s most popular spots for vacationing travelers seeking a cabin rental being Blue Ridge, Ellijay, Atlanta and Helen. Sautee Nacoochee is also a popular spot for VRBO cabin rental listings. While there are a plentiful amount of cabin rentals available for less than $100, those that offer some of the best amenities are going to be in that $100 to $200 price range. Available amenities that you can choose from on the website include pools, hot tubs, fireplaces, laundry facilities and outdoor barbecue and grilling setups.